LEITNER 2023 Report Is Out Now!

Get an in-depth look at LEITNER’s achievements, explore diverse installations implemented globally this past year.

2023 wasn’t just LEITNER’s 135th anniversary. It was one of its most successful years since it was founded in 1888. The company completed 45 ropeway projects in 15 countries. Through these pioneering projects and by meeting and exceeding customers’ wishes and producing a world-first in the transport of mountain carts, LEITNER really did put its core competencies on display more than ever before.

Nowadays, LEITNER sees itself not only as a manufacturer of ropeway systems, but as a dependable partner to its clients, with whom it works to find the best solutions to their challenges. And there is a strong focus on sustainability and protecting resources. Existing buildings, for instance, are often converted; new stations, garages, and ropeway technology are integrated into them. The philosophy is, “Think further than just selling ropeways.”

And this produces tailored solutions with which LEITNER can win over customers in the market

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