Leading Snowsports Brands Leverage Aetrex’s 3D Foot Scanning Technology To Enhance Fit & Performance

Aetrex, Inc, a global market leader in foot scanning technology, orthotics and comfort & wellness footwear, today announced its Albert 2 Pro foot scanning technology is being used in performance labs of notable brand partners, including BOA Technology Inc., makers of the BOA Fit System, to enhance the performance of their fit systems and footwear of global leading brand partners.

Since the launch of its Performance Fit Lab four years ago, BOA has been utilizing the Albert 2 Pro to scan athletes’ unique feet, collecting key 3D foot measurements along with biomechanical data through motion capture, force plates, and more to better understand the way subtle variations in foot shape, the construction of footwear uppers, and material choices impact athletic performance. In addition to using scan data to select and recruit testers with a well-matched foot shape into the lab, BOA analyzes the data to optimize how the BOA Fit System integrates onto footwear to securely wrap the foot, yielding the maximum performance benefits.

More recently, Burton is among many performance brand partners acquiring an Albert 2 Pro to help inform the best fit through scientific data. “Burton is currently trialing the latest and greatest Aetrex technology at Burton’s Vermont headquarters store as a part of our efforts to find a real-world data source to help understand foot shapes better,” said Eric Carlson, Sr. Product Line Merchandiser at Burton.

“If we understand where along the length of the shoe the average instep is highest, we can design our panels to lock that area in,” said Dan Feeney, Ph.D., Director of Biomechanics Research & Performance Fit Lab. “Similarly, we use the length from the heel to the metatarsophalangeal joints to determine where our last panel should end. Thus, we ensure footwear from industry leading brand partners garner the maximum performance benefits of the BOA Fit System.”

BOA’s Performance Fit Lab has scanned over 300 athletes with the Albert 2 Pro and conducted performance tests in golf, court, trail run, hike, workwear, ski, snowboard, and cycling segments. BOA found that configurations featuring a wrap structure powered by the BOA Fit System improved athletic performance (agility and speed) by up to 9%, according to a peer-reviewed white paper by Footwear Science.

To learn more about Albert 2 Pro and Aetrex’s technology suite, please visit www.aetrex.com.

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