Leading Edge Northwest Welcomes Stephanie Anne McCarthy To The Sales Agency

Leading Edge Northwest is proud to welcome Stephanie Anne McCarthy to the sales agency. She will be based in Eugene Oregon and focused on all the products represented by the group and the retailers in the region.

“Across ALL the brands and categories, we’re fortunate to represent, we’re seeing record growth and consumer participation – retailer support is critical and, Stephanie will be a big part of that” says Dane Stephenson of Leading Edge.

Originally from Western Michigan, Stephanie moved to Eugene in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in illustration to achieve her master’s degree in Arts Management from the U of O (Go Ducks).

After graduating in 2015 she combined her successful side business, as a freelance artist, with her love of the outdoors, snow sports and ‘gear’. Working at Berg’s Ski Shop for the past few years provided both critical product and retail-sales knowledge while selling most of the brands Leading Edge represents.

2020 shaped her graphic design business more formally into; Anne Pine Design, geared towards outdoors-inspired design and illustration projects. Stephanie is an avid sports enthusiast and was recently inducted, along with her twin sister, into their High- school Hall of Fame for: the most Varsity Letters ever awarded!

Nordic and alpine skiing, along with mountain biking, are current passions and align with Stephanie’s motto that: “It’s a better world when people can be happy outside”. She’s a perfect fit for Leading Edge and will be active with all aspects of the group and the brands represented along-side Dane Stephenson, Lawrence Jobe, Mike Craig and Kurt Westman. Stephanie will hit the ground running immediately.

Leading Edge Northwest, based in Woodinville Washington for the past 30 years, represents top snow, outdoor and cycling brands in the Northwest. Current vendor partners include Swix/Toko, KÜHL, Pivot, Atlas/Tubbs, Rollerblade, Bison, Alpina and POC Winter. www.annepinedesign.com is her website.

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