Laax Nagens Trail - Resort Opens World's First Mountain Bike Trail Built With 100% E- Energy

The Flims Laax Falera holiday region also has a lot to offer in the snow-free months. This summer mountain bikers in particular can look forward to another highlight: the Nagens Trail. With this new enduro singletrack, the destination, in collaboration with Velosolutions, is setting new standards in terms of environmentally friendly trail construction. Because this will be the world's first bike route that is built 100% from renewable energy.
For a long time, it was a matter of staying at home and restricting outdoor sports activities. Nature has enjoyed a well-deserved break in many places in the past few months. With the start of the summer season and the anticipation of healthy mountain air, however, this should not suddenly end. In the destination Flims Laax Falera you think forward. And so, in collaboration with Velosolutions, the idea arose to build a new bike trail using 100% renewable energy.
Greenstyle - to protect the environment
Only renewable energy from hydropower and solar energy is used for the entire construction. From the excavator to the chainsaw, all equipment is operated electrically. Even the trail builders and all other people involved in the construction can travel by e-car or e-bike; Green style. For Claudio Caluori from Velosolutions it is clear that such unusual challenges can be expected in a pioneering project like this. As the founder of the company, he and his team build trails and pump tracks all over the world and are therefore used to adapting to a wide variety of circumstances: “Only the transport of the machines up the mountain was the first hurdle: since we don't have an electric vehicle were able to find it, we went up the mountain with the electric excavators, and of course we ran out of battery halfway. However, we made it to the next charging station, so our team was at the start of construction two hours later, ”he reports.
The construction of the Nagens Trail includes much more than the use of electrical equipment: The constant exchange with the regional forest engineer, the environmental authorities and experts is just as much a part of everyday life as keeping a specification sheet. It encompasses all interventions in nature - flora and fauna, groundwater, landscape and surface water.
Nagens Trail - The bike development of the Grauberg
The new Enduro single trail leads over 4 kilometers from Nagens to Plaun and thus forms the last section for bike access from the mountain station Grauberg to Flims. From Plaun you can return to the valley via the two existing trails Green Valley or TREK Runcatrail. You can get to the start from Flims via the Foppa-Naraus chairlift and then the Graubergbahn. The Nagens Trail, like the existing TREK Runcatrail, is categorized with the difficulty level red. Advanced mountain bikers with trail experience feel really comfortable on it.
The connection of the area around the Grauberg for bikers has been sought for some time and is an important, first milestone of the BikeVision22 of the destination Flims Laax Falera. Not least because it enables bikers and hikers to dodge them better.
André Gisler, Tourism Director of Destination Flims Laax Falera is enthusiastic about the Nagens Trail pilot project: “We are proud of this milestone and the good cooperation between the municipality, the mountain railways, the destination and the bike expert Velosolutions. On the one hand, the Nagens Trail has a pioneering character in terms of sustainability and, on the other hand, connects existing bike paths on the mountain in an ideal way and opens up completely new possibilities. ”
The slow traffic master plan and the BikeVision22
Mountain biking with the BikeVision22 is an important part of the slow traffic master plan. Further expansion steps are planned in three phases in the coming years. The municipalities, the mountain railways and other local partners work closely together under the project management of the tourism organization. The area is disentangled for hikers and bikers where necessary and especially for beginners and families, a larger range is created.
The heart of the ski area in winter - the Crap Sogn Gion - should become the center for outdoor fun on the mountain even in the warmer months, with a new skill area at 2,252 m above sea level. M. BikeVision22 rounds off an extensive rail

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