Klattermusen Releases Jolner & Lodur - Two New High Performance Jackets

This week Klättermusen is launching the Jolner jacket and the Lodur anorak. The two pieces have been specially designed for ski mountaineering but also offering a very resistant gear option for other winter activities. Rigorously tested in real-world conditions, the equipment embodies Klättermusen's commitment to creating the best and most sustainable equipment available.
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Jolner is a 3-layer Cutan shell jacket specially made for ski mountaineering. The Jolner allows free movement and flexibility, while it's still durable and offers reliable protection from snow and ice. The jacket has been designed to be worn with a backpack, proof of this is its ventilation system focused towards the front to assist during ascents with skis attached to the backpack. Available in men and women's sizes it comes in three colourways - Burnt Russet, Dusty Yellow and Raven. Retailing at £360
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Lodur is a 3-layer Cutan hybrid softshell anorak made for ski mountaineering. The Lodur design offers a flexible comfortable fit to allow freedom of movement during demanding activities. Its 3-layer Cutan® fabric makes the Lodur a durable option that protects from ice and snow.  Available in men's sizes it comes in three colourways - Blue Sapphire, Dusty Yellow and Raven.Retailing at £320
Since 1975 Klättermusen has been a pioneer in making refined Scandinavian Mountaineering Equipment. The designs combine utility and extreme durability, always with consideration of the environment in mind. Klättermusen supports and inspires outdoor enthusiasts through unforgiving weather conditions and unpredictable terrain
Find this two pieces and more on klattermusen.com/en/

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