Kimberley Issues North Star Quad Chair Rebuild Update

Kimberley has issued a North Star Quad Chair Rebuild update, they say:

"Good news! Major critical parts for the lift have made it through the global supply chain and have started to arrive at the Leitner Poma facility in Kelowna.

"Specifically the drives (the electronic devices that control the speed and braking of the lift), the cabinets and many of the components that will make up the safety and control systems have arrived. The Leitner Poma experts will start to assemble the cabinets and will then deliver them to Kimberley where they will be installed into the newly built lift control building at the top of the Quad chair.

"The plan for the new lift control building is in place, and there is a meeting this week between Leitner Poma, RCR, and the contractor who is going to build the new building up above. Expect to see construction on this building begin soon.

"Everything is on schedule and all efforts are being made to ensure that the lift will be running again before next ski season.

"Once again we are grateful to Leitner-Poma for generously prioritizing the rebuilding of our lift in their busy production schedule.“

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