Henry Schniewind To Speak At The Ortovox Snowsports Session At The Kendal Mountain Festival

Renowned avalanche and snow safety specialist, Henry Schniewind, has been invited to speak at the Ortovox Snowsports Session at the Kendal Mountain Festival, alongside Bronze Medal Olympic Snowboarder, Jenny Jones and Big Mountain Skier, Jérémie Heitz.

The event takes place on Saturday November 18, 2017 at 8pm in the Kendal Town Hall and is one of the key events during the four day festival.

Henry will also be presenting at the ‘Basecamp’ venue mountainfest.co.uk/marquee, a more open, engaging space, where the audience can ask questions, comment and be more involved with the speakers. Timing to be decided but likely to be mid-morning, Sunday November 19.

Schniewind, an Ambassador and official ‘Opinion Leader’ for ORTOVOX, a leading winter sports safety company and clothing manufacturer, will be taking some of his well-known ‘Avalanche Talks’ concepts along with the ORTOVOX ‘Safety Academy’ concepts and presenting them to a large audience at the festival that has now become a ‘must visit’ for all mountain and ski enthusiasts from the UK and beyond.

He said: “I’m honoured to be asked to speak at such a major event and alongside a distinguished group of winter sports athletes and personalities and I’m really looking forward to being able to pass some of my knowledge onto what will probably be a new audience for me. My mantra of Ride Hard, Ride Safe really embodies the nature of this whole event and I want to install the belief in riders that they can have fun, push the limits and stay safe out there at the same time.”

Tickets are available here:

Henry will also be travelling around the UK presenting his Off-Piste Awareness Tour during the next month.

There are two versions of the talk:
  • The Essentials – a must see talk, full of ‘essential’ information for all off-piste skiers, no matter how experienced you are.
  • In Depth – understand exactly how avalanches are triggered (for those who have already seen the Essentials Talk).
Tickets cost £12.50 per person with concessions for multiple purchases. The full list of dates and venues:

November 08, 19.30 – Racks Bar & Kitchen, Bristol. The Essentials Talk.
November 09, 19.30 – Racks Bar & Kitchen, Bristol. In Depth Talk.
November 13, 19.00 – Ellis Brigham, St Pauls, London. The Essentials Talk.
November 15, 19.00 – Ellis Brigham, Manchester. The Essentials Talk.
November 16, 19.00 – Ellis Brigham, Manchester. In Depth Talk.
November 20, 19.00 – Ellis Brigham, Chester. The Essentials.

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