Geartrade Smooths Consignment Customer Navigation With Redesign Of Online Resale Platform

Geartrade, the award-winning online resale platform for used outdoor equipment and apparel, this week unveiled a redesigned website that smooths the customer experience and makes buying and selling used gear easier and more enjoyable.

Geartrade is the leading independent online resale platform for outdoor gear and apparel. Family-owned since 2019, Geartrade makes it easy to buy and sell used gear, extends the life cycle of all outdoor products, and minimizes their environmental impact wherever they can. Geartrade sellers include individuals, retailers, and manufacturers; and selling options include both self-listing as well as consignment – which includes free boxes, free shipping, and complete hassle-free posting of all items.

The June arrival of the new Geartrade web design coincides with the completion of their long-term phase out of their peer-to-peer marketplace, a shift which enables the company to focus wholly on their held consignment business for both individuals as well as brand resale partners.

“We care deeply about the experience of buying and selling outdoor gear, and want it to be a positive and easy thing for everyone. Whether you’re looking to sell a couple pairs of skis or an entire showroom full of sales samples, our new web platform makes the experience smoother, faster and more intuitive for everyone,” said Aaron Provine, president of Greartrade.

Geartrade’s held consignment operations have grown significantly in the last 18 months, with a 115% expansion of overall sales. To support that growth and fuel additional expansion, Geartrade’s recent capital investments have included a doubling of warehouse capacity in Salt Lake City, acquisition of best-in-class ski and snowboard tuning machinery, and the evolution of their consignment business with A.I.-supported tools.

“Product circularity is a priority for brands, and increasingly important to everyday users as well. There is a rising awareness everywhere of the importance of re-use, and that recognition centers around the idea that the easiest and best way to lower the carbon footprint of any given product is to keep it in use as long as possible – which is exactly the service that Geartrade provides,” added Provine.

Geartrade’s individual consignment service launched in 2021, and was the first of its kind for the outdoor sector. An ‘easy button’ for sellers of used gear, Geartrade consignment services include free shipping and an in-house concierge service that receives, evaluates, photographs and posts all products on behalf of the seller. To learn more about how individual resale works, please visit LINK

Geartrade Branded Resale launched in 2022, and is a custom-designed circularity-focused “re-commerce” service for outdoor industry companies. Geartrade Branded Resale seamlessly integrates trade-in and resale programs into a brand’s existing sales universe, and is designed to be cash positive from day one, requiring no up front operational investments and providing all necessary elements from web design through warehousing and fulfillment.  To learn more, please contact


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