FWT 2022 Qualified Athletes Named

FWQ21 has wrapped up with enough events completed globally (except Canada) for athletes to qualify for FWT22. Due to COVID travel restrictions this year, Region 2 was split into two to make three regions overall: Region 1 – Europe / Oceania, Region 2 – USA and Region 2 – Canada. With only 14 tickets available – six from Region 1 and eight from Region 2 – the race to join the world’s elite was more challenging than ever, guaranteeing an insane level of freeriding to make the cut.
Discover the names of next year’s rookies...

Across Europe and Oceania, there were more than enough events (1* to 4*) from Russia, Japan, Switzerland to qualify next year’s rookies: 

The USA hosted several successful 4* and 2* events like Crested Butte, Big Sky and Snowbird to earn the following riders’ qualification for FWT22: 

  • Ski Men: Jack Nichols (USA) and Grifen Moller (USA) – both return to FWT (Jack was on tour in 2020 and Grifen in 2018)
  • Ski Women: Lily Bradley (USA) – former FJT rider and it was her first year on the FWQ
    Snowboard Women: Audrey Hebert (CAN) – returns to the FWT
  • Snowboard Men: Michael Mawn (USA) – returns to the FWT, requalifying directly after the 2021 season

FWQ REGION 2: Canada
Unfortunately, all events in Canada were cancelled this year due to COVID. The Canadian spots are based on FWQ20 rankings, and additional FWT qualifications will be made through wild card allocations.    

  • Ski Men: Cooper Bathgate (CAN) FWT’s season was compromised due to injury and will likely be undergoing surgery to repair his Achilles tendon.
  • Ski Women: Olivia McNeill (CAN) proved her spot on the FWT but was knocked out due to injury. She was also the top-ranked athlete in FWQ20.
  • Snowboard Women: none, as Katie Anderson (CAN) has requalified.
  • Snowboard Men: Mathieu Martineau (CAN) was the top Cananadian finisher, landing third in the FWQ20 rankings. 

This year’s rookies blew our minds and pushed the level into yet another untracked realm. Ross TesterBlake MollerKatie AndersonMaël OlivierTracy Chubb and Zuzanna Witych not only proved their inclusions to the FWT, but collected a surplus of silverware between them. Can next year’s rookies continue this exponential growth of the sport? FWT22 promises all the answers and more, when the world’s best freeriders commence another battle for the FWT crowns.

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