FIS Social Media China 2022/23 In Numbers

FIS can look back on a successful social media activation period in the growth market China after the 2022/23 season. We have collected the most important milestones and facts for you with a look into future objectives as well.

A successful start summarized:

  • From scratch, FIS gained during the activation period from October 2022 until March 2023, +244K follower on all three operating platforms Weibo, Douyin and RED. The total views of all platforms during the season 2022/23 lead to +25 Mio. video views overall. On all three operated FIS accounts (Weibo, Douyin and RED), the respective top posts surpassed the milestone of +2Mio views per post.
  • FIS achieved the highest engagement numbers on Weibo, and the highest number of followers and interactions on Douyin (the Chinese TikTok platform) among all International Wintersports Federation. This was achieved in only one season of operation 2022/23, whereas most other federations have been operating their accounts for years.
  • FIS is a first mover on the Chinese social seeding and lifestyle platform RED, also called ”Little Red Book’’, and has experienced a high number of interactions in the first season.
  • Capturing the output on FIS Social Media in China shows that FIS published during the activation period from October 2022 until March 2023, +200 posts on Weibo per month with a total of 463 videos generating +15Mio Weibo views.
  • Future objectives for FIS Social Media in China:

Producing more content focusing on Gen Z athletes and sharing information about them, especially with nice photos and cool videos, which would be popular among younger fans.

  • Creating more content of lifestyle and athletes outside the competition, during the off-season.
  • Keep on looking for good opportunities to create content with hot hashtags created by platforms during big events or official campaigns.
  • FIS will search for vertical media on skiing and snowboarding as our content supplement, and cooperate with sports media or other media in different fields to attract more users from other fields to follow the FIS accounts.

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