FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships Zhangjiakou 2021 Appoints Gemdale Sports As Global Exclusive Commercial Agent

The inauguration of FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships’ Zhangjiakou 2021 Global Exclusive Commercial Agency was held in Beijing on December 24th 2019. Gemdale Sports, a direct subsidiary of Gemdale Corporation, reached an agreement with FIS under the witness of the Chinese Ski Association (CSA) and the Organising Committee of the FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships, Zhangjiakou 2021 and FIS Marketing AG. As the exclusive global agent, Gemdale Sports will cooperate with FIS for branding promotion and business development for the event. 

The FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships will be the first FIS World Championships hosted in China, and it also serves as the official test event for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. The competitions will take place at the Olympic competition venues of Secret Garden, Zhangjiakou and Shougang, Beijing from 8th - 28th February 2021.

Winter Sports in China are blooming. With the implementation of policies and the benefits from the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, the volume of the winter sports industry will reach an unprecedented level. It is forecast that China will have 50 million participating regularly in winter sports by 2025. Meanwhile, government initiatives aim to drive around 300 million new participants to join into winter sports and the snow sports market will reach a value of about Chinese ¥ 1,000 billion.

Earning the global exclusive commercial rights of the FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships Zhangjiakou 2021 has significant meaning for both Gemdale Corporation and Gemdale Sports. “On one hand, this is the recognition of the capabilities of Gemdale Corporation and Gemdale Sports by the international organisations, which demonstrates Chinese enterprises’ growing competitiveness in the world. On the other hand, such cooperation remarkably contributes to the development of Gemdale Cooperation and Gemdale Sports as this alliance enables Gemdale Sports to expand the successful tennis-only operation and extend its business into more sports fields”. said by CEO of Gemdale Sports, Eddy Liu.

Gemdale is one of the earliest listed real estate companies with a nationwide business layout. Gemdale has a history in sports and has previously invested in tennis. At the moment, Gemdale Corporation and its subsidiary Gemdale Sports are a robust force promoting tennis in China. Its cooperation with FIS is the first involvement in other sports. This marks an important step in the strategic expansion of the sports landscape.

The extensive experience that Gemdale Sports gained in sports marketing and promotion is highly recognised by FIS. This largely assists the successful alliance between both sides.

“Gemdale Sports has come to our attention with the great success of WTA Finals”, FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis said. “Especially connected with the success in tennis through the highest-level tournament alongside the installation of tennis academies to develop youngsters, there is a long-term commitment to developing tennis in China. Gemdale’s efforts, continually cultivate the younger generation of tennis players and build up the programmes to promote tennis in China, which are similar pathways that will be work for snow sports. Such cooperation is a great opportunity to gain popularity as a result of the much-anticipated first FIS World Championships in China with joint efforts of the Gemdale Cooperation, Gemdale Sports and the Chinese Ski Association to develop snow sports and contribute to the Government’s ambitious targets in this area.”

In the years ahead, Gemdale Corporation and Gemdale Sports plan to expand their business to all-around sports, which will enhance the company's market influence and competitiveness in both domestic and international sports industry.

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