Fieberbrunn Celebrates World Pride Day

For the World Pride Day on June 27, 2020, the Fieberbrunn mountain railways are using rainbow-colored gondolas for tolerance and diversity.

Tourism and thus the mountain railways stand for the freedom of travel and encounter, for nature and its accessibility. And for joy in the sense of sport, exercise and enjoyment. All of this is currently threatened by a virus that shows us how vulnerable this freedom is. However, this is always in danger with regard to current social issues such as discrimination, human dignity and social injustice.

"As a mountain railway, we want to set a visible sign especially in these difficult times and advocate tolerance, cosmopolitanism, respect, solidarity and diversity in the course of the World Pride Day", says GF Toni Niederwieser.

"We as mountain railways live from tolerance as the basis of living together and coming together. We live from the fact that people - regardless of skin color, language, religion or sexual identity - can meet freely and confidently, have the same rights and enjoy the same freedom - that should and must be worth it to us to stand up for it visibly. "

For this attitude, the Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn want to be a communicative "means of transport". As of June 27 they will stick their rainbow colors on their gondolas - the symbol of the worldwide Pride movement.

"Even if we are usually headed by marketing," continued GF Toni Niederwieser, "in the past few months the cable cars have shown what their actual genetic code is: freedom, tolerance, respect. Without these values ​​and appreciation you can't really experience our offer. "

The Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn will be at this year's World Pride Day on June 27th. participate and show your colors with the rainbow gondolas ... as a sign of support for the Pride movement and in the hope that the world is going uphill. In addition, the Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn want to set further accents on the mountain and take up proximity & distance as controversial topics of the future in the Alpine region. You can be excited!

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