Elsigenalpbahnen AG Will Hire Niesenbahn AG As The Tenant For Berghaus Elsigenalp From Winter 2021

ELSIGENALPBAHNEN AG will hire NIESENBAHN AG as the tenant for Berghaus Elsigenalp from winter 2021. This will create a new “peak to peak” collaboration in the Kandertal. The two companies pursue individual goals: NIESENBAHN AG can now also offer year-round jobs in the catering sector, for ELSIGENALPBAHNEN AG the Berghaus is of central importance for quality and customer loyalty in the ski area.
ELSIGENALPBAHNEN AG and NIESENBAHN AG are reinterpreting “Peak to Peak”: the two 2,300 m high mountains in the Kandertal are just 12.5 km apart. The air line from tip to tip is now symbolic of the cooperation that the two companies are entering into: NIESENBAHN AG will take over the lease of the Elsigenalp mountain lodge as a year-round operation for the winter season 2021/22. The vom Niesen railway company will thus operate two mountain houses in the future and enter the winter business. Dr. Daniel Fischer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NIESENBAHN AG, says about this big step: “We are ready to take over the catering business with a great team with a lot of skill, potential and motivation. In addition, we are also ready to use the further entrepreneurial potential of NIESENBAHN AG.
The focus is on your own strengths
The ELSIGENALPBAHNEN AG remains true to its core competence: the operation of the family-friendly and snow-sure ski area on the Elsighorn. For those responsible, top quality and a long-term orientation are of central importance at Berghaus Elsigenalp. Marco Trachsel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ELSIGENALPBAHNEN AG, classifies the importance of the cooperation as follows: “The Berghaus is a central part of the experience on the Elsighorn. Sport and enjoyment should convince the guests. All the more so because the Elsighorn ski area is strongly anchored in the region and can count on very loyal regular guests from the area. That is why we started talks with those responsible at NIESENBAHN AG to discuss the opportunities for cooperation. " After careful examination and strategic considerations, the vom Niesen railway company decided to 
New opportunities for NIESENBAHN AG
NIESENBAHN AG can already offer year-round positions in administration and rail operations, but only in responsible key positions in catering. With one summer and one winter mountain house each, it will be possible in future to offer employees a job even in winter. This means that NIESENBAHN AG will also be a year-round employer in the catering sector, which opens up new opportunities in the business model, in staff management, in further training and in the planning and development of offers. Urs Wohler, Managing Director of NIESENBAHN AG, says: “As a careful employer, we know that our mostly local employees make the difference in the guest experience and that they are a key success factor of our business model. That we can now offer you a winter perspective, is great. In this way, we make a significant contribution to strengthening the regional tourism network. "
Long term perspective
With this cooperation “from peak to peak”, operations on Elsigenalp are to be secured in the long term and the potential of new offers to be used. In the summer in particular, attempts should be made to be successful with distinctive offers. That is why the lease is concluded on a long-term basis.

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