Double Trouble / My New Life With Twins, A Short Film By Snowboarder Aline Bock

Aline Bock has travelled the world extensively for years on her quest to find the best snow and the best waves. As a Freeride World Champion and professional snowboarder, Aline has spent her life as athlete, fueled by her love for those unforgettable moments outdoors.

In the Summer 2021, Aline’s life was changed forever as she became a mother of twins.

Double Trouble / My new life with Twins is an honest short film, in which Aline talks about the new challenges she faced suddenly after becoming a mother of twins. The freedom-loving and previously always independent snowboarder has defined herself during her career by her passion for outdoor adventures. When the time came to start her own family, Aline was aware, that her life as athlete would change drastically. She knows the efforts and struggles and how to achieve her sportive ambitions, but none of that of that has prepared her for motherhood. In the first months after giving birth, Aline had already reached her limits: “I had no idea how real exhaustion feels like before the kids!” In a very open and authentic way, Aline talks about her feelings trying to find the right balance between her identity as a woman, a professional athlete and motherhood.

Although the journey has not always been easy, being a mother is the most beautiful and most rewarding job for Aline. Each smile, each hug, the many “firsts” and above all the love you get back as a parent, are priceless and outshine all of the struggles.

An honest movie about a strong and independent woman finding her new double role as mother and athlete without losing herself.

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