Demaclenko Launches Evo 4.0: The Snow Gun That Ski Resorts Have Been Waiting For

With the Evo 4.0, innovation leader DEMACLENKO is redefining the standards for fan guns. The predecessor model Evo 3.0 has been completely revised and improved all round. The new Evo 4.0 is not only powerful, low-maintenance and compact, but also unbeatably quiet and energy-saving. It perfectly embodies the features that are expected from a snow gun.


The Evo 4.0 boasts an impressive achievement: a 12% reduction in energy consumption compared to its predecessor. Operating at just 14 kW, it surpasses the performance of the Evo 3.0, which was already esteemed as one of the most efficient machines in its class. With centralized compressed air supply, this figure drops even further to an impressive 10 kW. These improvements stem from various optimizations, including enhanced motor performance and increased fan efficiency.

In particular, the heat output (and therefore the power consumption) has been significantly reduced through the use of a heat exchanger. This allows for simultaneous heating of the nozzle ring and cooling of the compressed air. Additionally, the compressed air is cooled further through the water filter, a distinctive feature that has been standard in DEMACLENKO machines since 2011.


Compared to its predecessor, the Evo 4.0 reduced the fan revolutions by 50%, without compromising the large throwing distance: from 3,000 to 1,500 rpm. This significant decrease directly impacts the machine’s noise emissions, making the Evo 4.0 the quietest fan gun in the DEMACLENKO range. The enhanced quietness of the Evo 4.0 compared to the Evo 3.0 is attributed to the redesigned fan, which boasts a completely revamped geometry seamlessly integrated with the modern aesthetics of the 4.0 line from DEMACLENKO. Furthermore, improved aerodynamics and optimized guide wheel contribute to the overall reduction in noise level.


Despite consuming less energy than its predecessor, the Evo 4.0 comes with increased production output. This achievement is attributed to two main factors: Firstly, the water flow rate has been raised from 7 to 8 l/s compared to the Evo 3.0, enhancing snow production. Secondly, the increased production output can be attributed to the additional switching stages, improving the efficiency of the Evo 4.0 and ensuring a consistent snow chart. These extra switching stages are especially effective under conditions of low water pressure and marginal temperatures, making the Evo 4.0 the new benchmark on the snowmaking market.


Like its predecessor, the Evo 4.0 offers unparalleled versatility due to its compact design, making it suitable for wide slopes, narrow sections, and connecting paths alike. Its lightweight construction not only maintains its unbeatable practicality but also simplifies transportation and handling, ensuring ease of use. It’s worth noting that research and development for the Evo 4.0 have not only focused on enhancing machine efficiency but also on implementing other measures to reduce its carbon footprint. The recyclable covers of the Evo 4.0 serve as a prime example, utilizing a new high-performance polymer. They are characterized by high break and impact resistance and are manufactured in a particularly eco-friendly process.

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