Crosson Ski Retains Rygr For PR

Following recent announcement of Bode Miller hiring, Washington-based craft ski maker Crosson has retained the public relations services of leading active lifestyle agency

Crosson Ski has announced its partnership with active lifestyle marketing agency, rygr, which will provide public relations and marketing services to the Washington-based craft ski maker.

Crosson Ski founder, Chase Englehart recently announced the arrival of Olympian Bode Miller as chief innovation officer, who joins former U.S. Ski Team members Jeff Olson and Bryon Friedman, president and chief marketing officer, respectively.

“With the growth in our ski offerings, and in our executive design and leadership team, we have found ourselves in an incredible flow of creativity and innovation, backed by the discipline Crosson needs to make the next step in our evolution as a company,” says Crosson Ski President Jeff Olson. “Aligning with an agency the quality of rygr provides us important marketing and communications services that will help us better tell the Crosson Ski story, as well as an important partner to contribute strategically to our long-range planning.”

The Winter 2020-21 collection from Crosson Ski is highlighted by the Dissenter Seventy Eight, a narrow-waisted front-side carver meticulously shaped by Miller, as well as the Cumulus 103, the carbon-wrapped all-mountain ripper featuring limited edition pro models for Miller and four-time X Games champion, Bobby Brown.

“Whether thinking about the hyper-focused attention to detail Bode is bringing to product development or the role athletes like Bobby Brown, Doug Stoup and Banks Gilberti are playing in building the brand, there is a great deal of meaningful, authentic storytelling to be done with the brand,” says rygr PR Director Greg Fitzsimmons.

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