CIMALP Launches New "Rando Legere" Collection

In an era when Mountains are always more accessible, Cimalp tries, as it has since its inception in 1964, to provide outdoor enthusiasts with eco-conscious clothing at an affordable price. And the new Spring and Summer collection is no exception. 

This new collection combines in-house latest patented fabrics designed with an ongoing commitment to both technicality and sustainability, proving that it is possible to explore the wonders of mountains protecting both ourselves and the environment.­

Technical and Performance in Harmony with Nature

The core innovation of this new collection is the CIMAGRID®: a proprietary "wonder" fabric, which design is based on a grid structure, and is designed to optimise body heat management and promote rapid moisture transfer.

CIMAGRID® is not just a fabric, but the symbol of a more comprehensive commitment to demonstrating that technology can go hand in hand with care and respect for the environment. A powerful message for a public highly sensitive to sustainability issues, which finds in the brand's innovation a way to practise outdoor sports responsibly.

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For a Sustainable Future in Outdoor

At a time when fashion and pollution often go hand in hand, "Rando Légère" is a strong commitment to preserving nature.

Some description"We need textile products that have a lower impact on the environment and on people"-says Lionel Marsanne, at the head of the brand, which has taken a sustainability-oriented journey, aiming for greater ethical integrity and the adoption of circular economy strategies with the goal of significantly reducing the environmental impact of production activities.

Cimalp has been manufacturing high technical performance clothing for outdoor activities since 1964.

As an online-only brand, they offer innovative products and outstanding quality at an attractive price/performance ratio.

As an eco-conscious brand they are making outdoor sports apparel with a focus on sustainability. And as mountain lovers, they do their best to propose first-class customer care.

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