'Cable Car Students' Present Final Projects At Landesberufsschule Hallein

The final class of the specialty ropeway technology at the Landesberufsschule Hallein presents their projects - including a fully functional small ski lift that they have planned and built themselves.
The state vocational school in Hallein is the largest vocational school in the state of Salzburg with around 1500 students and more than 50 teachers. Since it was founded in 1877, the school has continued to develop and has made a name for itself with the competence center for metal-technical professions.
A wide variety of professional fields in the commercial sector, locksmithing, electronics, carpentry, stonemasonry, bricklaying and tailoring trades can be learned and practiced there. A Sunkid conveyor belt has been available to students for practice purposes for several years.
For the successful completion of the training, a project-related task must be prepared and presented.
The presentations of the final year of the cable car technology department took place recently and were followed with excitement by the media and partners. The highlight was a self-planned and built, fully functional small ski lift, which was presented by David Haas and Jonas Wallner.
The two students and developers are employed by the Bavarian Arber Bergbahn.
They planned for 1.5 years on their small ski lift and installed it in the cable car hall of the vocational school within 80 hours. The final project was supported by the Sunkid company with an endlessly spliced ​​synthetic rope.
The project was accompanied by Ing.Roland Gruber and Andreas Spitzelseder.
A total of 8,100 euros was invested in the small ski lift with a low cable guide, which will remain in the cable car hall for training purposes. Both students graduated with an average grade of 1.0.
The project work:
  • Erhard Gabriel: LED barrier
  • Fankhauser Matthias: Workbench
  • Greiter Marco: Presentation of double DS clamp
  • Gumpert Thies: Hydraulic press
  • Haas David and Wallner Jonas: rope lift with low rope guide
  • Kleinheinz Lorenz: Bushing extrusion tool for 3S clamps
  • Knoll Sebastian: Relay station for company radio with self-sufficient energy supply
  • Kofler Alexander: telescopic arm for chain hoist
  • Mair Felix and Margreiter Marco: Net winder
  • Portenkirchner Bernhard: Snow-making hose winding machine

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