British Travel Insurer Reports 77% Of Over 64s Did Not Take Out Winter Sports Cover On Last Trip,

Silver-haired thrill-seekers heading to the slopes this year could be putting themselves at risk, with 77% of over 64s failing to cover themselves for winter sports, a new report warns.

The study of 1000 UK holidaymakers, conducted by Post Office Travel Insurance, highlights the risks  boomers hitting the slopes are taking, with 1 in 5 (20%) pushing themselves beyond their abilities and 23% having experienced a trip-ending incident on a winter sports break.

Winter sports holidays carry a higher amount of danger than most other trips. The Post Office poll indicates that nearly two-thirds (62%) of senior adventurers are unaware of winter sports insurance existing and almost a quarter (23%) are unsure what it covers 

This is despite the majority of thrill-seeking over 64s having up to two winter sports holidays per year, with more than a quarter (28%) choosing to snowboard and 23% opting to ski. Breakneck speeds weren’t daunting to those of pension age, with 1 in 5 deciding to plummet down mountains in a toboggan.

The data suggests that over-64s may be less inclined to purchase the correct cover due to their piste experience, with 47% claiming they are ‘very experienced’ in their respective sports. They were also the most likely to purchase or rent safety gear than younger generations.

Winter sports activities generally aren’t covered as standard under travel insurance policies, and often require this cover to be added on. Post Office Travel insurance urges holidaymakers to research before they purchase travel insurance, and to check that it will cover them for the activities that they are taking part in. It is also important to check any age limits, Post Office provides cover for winter sports activities up to 70 years old.

Latest data suggest that a foot injury requiring surgery, common for skiers, can cost uninsured holidaymakers in France up to €800[1], or up to €3000 in Germany[2]. In the US, medical bills can cost thousands of dollars[3] just to fix ruptures and strains.

For repatriation to the UK from holidays in Europe, this could cost between £22,000 – £35,000. Winter sports enthusiasts heading further afield to Japan or New Zealand can expect the process to cost thousands more as the prices rise, with the average bill for repatriation coming in at around £205,000[4].

Paul Paddock Head of Travel and Protection at Post Office says: “The data we’ve discovered was very surprising as we wouldn’t expect the number of over 64s in the UK who don’t adequately insure themselves before going on winter sports holidays. This year a lot of holidaymakers are looking forward to finally getting back to their favourite winter slopes but, even with all that excitement, it’s still vital to remember all the risks.

“The chances of injury, damage or loss of expensive equipment are potentially much greater, and the costs likely higher, than when taking a regular holiday, even if you’re experienced. Winter sports insurance is there to cover people for activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and air boarding accidents that can result not just in stressful situations, but in extremely high bills too”.

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