Bridal Veil Mountain Resort: Canada’s First Ropetaxi Gondola System. Letter Of Intent Signed With Bartholet AG

Bridal Veil Mountain Resort team was recently invited to Switzerland by Bartholet AG. Bartholet is part of the HTI Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of aerial gondolas and lifts. Among Bartholet AG’s innovative products are state-of-the-art Ropetaxi gondola systems that require up to 50% less energy to operate than traditional aerial gondolas, making them the greenest solution on the market.

The Ropetaxi is a new gondola product that has autonomous drive capabilities that can link several gondolas together and take users to multiple destinations. This would allow BVMR visitors to arrive, park their car at the base of the mountain, and choose their destination with the press of a button (e.g., ski hill, village, lobby of their hotel, etc.). A gondola car would arrive at their platform, the doors would open like an elevator, and the car would rejoin the moving ropeway and whisk the users to their desired location. The Ropetaxi only dispatches cars when users require them, ensuring no extra gondola cars are in use. The Ropetaxis would provide public transportation throughout the BVMR property and create an alpine area free of vehicle traffic. President of BVMR, Robert Wilson states, “The Ropetaxi is an innovative technology that will fundamentally change how a resort and surrounding community are built. This will be a completely new way of envisioning a walkable community.”

BVMR and Bartholet AG have signed a letter of intent that will see the first Ropetaxi system in Canada installed at Bridal Veil Mountain Resort. This partnership represents another example of BVMR’s commitment to environmental responsibility and incorporating the world’s best practices in mountain resort design.

Ski Industry Support

Bridal Veil Mountain Resort is currently exploring opportunities with several Fortune 500 companies that understand how BVMR will create a truly unique and world-class experience.

We recently made two trips to Europe where we met with manufacturers, visited several all-season resorts, and secured Letters of Intent from several innovative industry suppliers that are enthusiastic about helping BVMR build one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable resorts.

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