Axess Ski Pass On Cell Phone – Now In Operation In Ski Areas In Europe & America

The digital alternative to the classic ticket was in demand. The ski ticket on the mobile phone is the answer. After a three-year test phase in various ski areas, Axess has now put the first standard systems into operation in Europe and the USA. A third is currently being installed in Vall de Nuria, Spain. The new software and technology offer ski guests additional convenience when purchasing and using them, as well as new ways to increase sales and digital control processes for ski resort operators.

After extensive test phases in six large ski areas, the time has now come: The ski ticket can be saved on the cell phone and works like any previous RFID ticket. The skier can go contactless through the gate to the lift with the mobile phone in the ski jacket.

First, the ticket is conveniently bought in the online ticket shop and saved in the Axess SkiWallet app. The process is the same as buying a plane ticket, concert ticket or any other digital ticket. As soon as the skier steps into the reading area of ​​the gate, the mobile phone connects automatically via Bluetooth and the ticket is checked. After approval, the gate opens and grants access. Meanwhile, the mobile phone stays in the jacket, the gloves stay on. No more waiting at the cash register, no more need to collect the ski ticket.

The AX500 Smart Gate NG BLE points the way to an even more convenient and guest-friendly future. A total of three ski areas will be equipped with Axess Bluetooth systems in the coming season. “Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) describes a wireless technology that allows devices to be networked within a certain radius. It allows the mobile phone to communicate with the gate. The ticket information is stored on the cell phone and can be accessed without contact,” says Oliver Suter, CSO and CEO of Axess AG.

The first project in Koprivná (Czech Republic) is running to our complete satisfaction with the new system. The technology-savvy ski area offers its guests the ticket on their mobile phone and has had absolutely positive guest reactions. Operation runs smoothly and in the same way as with the previously used chip cards or RFID tickets. In a press conference on January 16, co-owner Karel Lezatka and managing director Jan Lezatka emphasized how satisfied they are with the new system and why they want to be at the cutting edge of the latest technology right now.

The second project was installed in Snow Summit, a ski area of ​​Big Bear Mountain Resort. Here, in the largest ski area in Southern California, efforts are being made to keep up with the times and to offer guests the best possible skiing experience. Skiers will soon be able to enjoy American powder with tickets on their phones. Six lifts with 21 entrances offer this new comfort. The third ski area is in Spain and is starting these days with a ticket on your cell phone.

"The new gates will soon become the standard," says Josef Fischer, Head of Hardware Development, with certainty. He and his team worked long and hard to ensure that the app uses as little energy as possible so that the cell phone can always remain active despite the low temperatures.

According to the empirical values ​​of this first phase, the new systems will probably soon be in use in many other ski areas worldwide. The success of the current projects speaks for itself, and ski resort operators can hardly wait to be able to offer this innovation.

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