Axess Celebrates All-In-One Solution For Jungfrau Lift Co

It has now been more than half a decade since Axess AG developed an all-in-one solution for the Jungfrau Railway in Switzerland. Even today, the implementation is one of the Salzburg company's flagship projects.
In 1912, after a construction period of 16 years, the Jungfrau Railway was opened with the terminus at the Jungfraujoch. Over time it has developed into one of the most popular attractions for tourists and locals alike and is still very popular with young and old to this day. 
The Jungfrau Railway is one of the leading tourism companies and the most important mountain railway company in Switzerland. Probably the most popular offer, with over a million visitors annually, is the trip by spectacular train to the Jungfraujoch, 3454 meters above sea level. 
At the foot of the Eiger north face lies the famous village of Grindelwald, embedded in a breathtaking landscape. Here, guests are particularly impressed by the diversity of the place, because only here is a wide range of activities and recreational opportunities available. Grindelwald is a starting point for many popular excursion destinations and is also popular in Hollywood, where scenes for James Bond and Star Wars III were filmed here.
In 2015, the Jungfrau Railways commissioned Axess AG to manage the access management and the tickets for visitors to the Jungfraujoch and the adjacent ski region. An enormous project, considering that over a million guests use the mountain railway and the ski area every year and that operators always want to rely on the systems and tickets installed. 
In 2016, the Austrian company received the largest order to date in the field of software. A special software package was developed which enables the operators of the ski region to manage the requirements of different business areas from a single source. This includes the ski operation, the excursion train to the Jungfraujoch, the transport of goods, the reservation management for groups, the integration of the existing web shop for B2C customers as well as the expansion of a B2B portal for partners. In addition, a ticket system has been developed which enables the railway and mountain railways to be connected in summer, but separated in winter. 
To date, a total of over 200 AX500 Smart Gates NG have been installed in the entire Jungfrau Region. The latest project in Grindelwald is the construction of the V-Bahn, with the Eiger Express as the centerpiece. Here too, Axess was able to convince with innovative access management and the integration of a ski depot. 
Since the completion of the Eiger Express in December 2020, guests can save up to 47 minutes in travel time. From the modern terminal in Grindelwald, the 3S cable car leads to the Eiger Glacier, as well as a new 10-person gondola lift to the top of the Männlichen. The new V-Bahn offers guests not only a significant reduction in travel time, but also a spectacular view during the journey. 
Mathias Freidl, project manager at Axess AG in Bludenz, was responsible for the implementation of the project in the Swiss mountains: “The project was a major challenge because of its dimensions. Thanks to the good cooperation between my team and the V-Bahn team, we were nevertheless able to integrate the access system into the new facility in Grindelwald to everyone's satisfaction. " 

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