Axamer Lizum: New Hoadlbahn Goes Into Operation At The End Of November

On November 26th, 2022 the time has finally come - the new Hoadlbahn will go into operation after only 7 months of construction! 

Technical details: 
  • Manufacturer: Leitner
  • 10-person gondola (EUB) with 75 gondolas
  • Transport capacity 2,800 people/h
  • Speed: 6m/s
  • Driving time: Section I 3:17 min / Section II: 2:38 min
  • Rope length section I: 1,185 m / section II: 950 m
  • Valley station: 1,560 m / middle station: 1,981 m / mountain station: 2,340 m
  • Total difference in altitude: 780 m
  • 3 chairlifts were removed: Hoadl I (2-seater chairlift, fixed, built in 1963), Hoadl II (2-seater chairlift, fixed, built in 1991) and Schönboden (4-seater chairlift, detachable, built in 1991), ie a total of 44 lift supports. In addition, all buildings and lift support foundations were removed and the areas were renatured. 
  • 18 lift supports were newly erected, which blend in very nicely with the landscape, ie net there are now 26 fewer supports in the terrain!

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