Atomic Re-Imagines XC Skate Skiing With The Redster S9 Gen S

Atomic is introducing an all-new cross-country skate ski for the 2021/2022 season: the Redster S9 Gen S. In the process, Atomic is totally reimagining ski construction and design for the skate discipline – improving handling, and increasing power through the kick for a longer and more efficient glide. To compliment this new construction, Atomic is also introducing the new bonded, adjustable Prolink Shift-In binding. This binding saves weight and allows skiers to move their position forwards for more grip or backwards for more glide – using a Shift-In button integrated into an ergonomic, easy-to-use lever. The Shift-In binding plate is bonded with the ski, which will provide increased control and direct power transfer.



With the Redster S9 Gen S, Atomic upends the traditional approach to skate-ski creation – with a radical departure in terms of both shape and length. A deeper sidecut with a wider tip and tail, called Speedline, provides more power to the kick and maximum stride efficiency. A completely reengineered sidewall construction, Racewall, increases energy transfer for more power transmission and enhanced stability. And with these construction changes, the Redster S9 Gen S comes in only one length, 183 cm – known as Speedscale. This single shorter length improves agility and maneuverability for skiers of all heights and skills. Gone are the days of multiple skis in different lengths. One size fits all is now a literal reality in the world of skate skiing.


Ski profile and construction aren’t the only innovations included with the Redster S9 Gen S. The Prolink Shift-In binding system is also new this year. This integrated system allows skiers to adjust their position while still in the binding. Skiers can test up to six positions during training sessions, allowing them to hone what works best for them in different conditions and terrains. In essence, the Shift-In provides every skier the ability to find and lock-in a custom position – forwards for more grip, backwards for more glide – without ever taking the ski off. Meanwhile, the fully bonded construction aims to create the most efficient power transfer possible, eliminating any energy loss between binding and ski. In addition to this Prolink Shift-in SK binding for skate skiing, the range also features a Prolink Shift-in CL binding for classic.



The innovations on the Redster S9 Gen S sound exciting in theory, but more importantly they’ve already proved successful in practice! They scored a number of top 5 results last season, culminating in a World Cup win in Davos for Simen Krüger – who took the win running a black-boxed edition of the Redster S9 Gen S. Now, in 2021, Krüger's winning skis will be available to the public.


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