Appointment Of Rasmus Damsgaard As FIS Covid-19 Expert For Testing & Hygiene Announced, Adds Covid-19 Test With Doping Controls

FIS has appointed Rasmus Damsgaard as FIS Covid-19 Expert for Testing and Hygiene. He is presently serving with UCI and the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation CADF Expert and is acclaimed as "the expert who knows pretty much what there is to know about Covid-19 testing around the world." 

The Covid-19 Protocols and Hygiene Concept developed by Rasmus for cycling are approved by the WHO, UCI/CADF and WADA. He is now adapting the UCI Protocols for FIS as based on the positive experiences and outcomes with cycling which will also be flexible to accommodate evolutions to the situation.

Of particular note is that Rasmus knows the organisational set-up and practicalities of the FIS events that underpin the logistics with the facilities and operations, having served as FIS Anti-Doping Expert for more than a decade.

The Covid-19 Protocol and with the Hygiene Concept requirements will be published in Sptember the FIS Covid-19 Prevention Event Organisers Guidelines (winter edition).

Additionally, Rasmus will stand at the side of the FIS Covid-19 Support Group, Medical Committee Covid-19 Project Group and the FIS Sport Management to analyse and approve the respective Event Organiser Protocols and provide expert advice to relevant hygiene/testing questions arising.

As a concrete measure to mitigate the risks and lower the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on snow sports, FIS will, with immediate effect, add the Covid-19 antibodies test to all athletes undergoing doping controls.

FIS will offer the service to all athletes subject to blood collection testsat the cost of FIS for the additional analysis which is currently planned to last until March 2021 subject to the review of the overall situation.

Special thanks go to the FIS-contracted doping control agencies PWC, Clearidium, the ITA and multiple National Anti-Doping Agencies and laboratories, who support this initiative with the additional administrative element to be managed.

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