Amundsen Sports Turns 10 On 110th Anniversary Of Roald Amundsen’s Successful Expedition To South Pole

Amundsen Sports, the Norwegian outdoor apparel brand built on innovation and heritage, is celebrating their 10th birthday today on the anniversary of Roald Amundsen’s successful 1911 expedition to the South Pole. 

Whether you’re a child or a brand, turning 10 is a big deal and retailers continue to take notice. Born in Norway, Amundsen is embracing a slow growth strategy here in the US and is currently available at over 40 handpicked retailers from coast to coast. Their dedication to quality, performance and style is fueling demand and Amundsen is inspired by dedicated following they are finding in America and around the world. 

“Quite literally following in the footsteps of our brand’s namesake Roald Amundsen, we launched Amundsen Sports in 2011 with an expedition to the South Pole of our own,” said Jorgen Amundsen, co-founder of Amundsen Sports. “Since then, the company has grown,  the collection is deeper and our adventures more frequent, but as a 10-year old, we are still in the midst of our childhood. And as a child, we now look forward to  the next 10 years, filled with innovation, adventure, and big smiles.”

In the last 10 years, the Amundsen team has embarked on countless adventures around the world and there are many more in the works. With almost 38k followers, a robust accounting of these travels, from the serious to the quirky, can be found on the brand’s Instagram page. 

 As part of the birthday celebration, Amundsen Sports is introducing the Anniversary Edition Peak Anorak. In keeping with a mission to help lower their environmental impact through the use of natural and recycled materials, short-traveled European production, durable construction, and styles that last for decades, the limited-edition Peak Anorak is made exclusively from pre-consumer recycled fabric. 

With a limited run of 200 pieces (100 men, 100 women), the Anniversary Edition Peak Anorak is available now and features the original salmon and white colorways used to launch the brand back in 2011. MSRP will be $549 and the jacket can be purchased on the website. 

The Anniversary Edition Peak Anorak is made with 3-layer, 4-way stretch c_change fabric from Schoeller. A truly unique membrane, c_change opens up for unequalled ventilation when you are warm, and closes to retain heat when you are cold. Completely wind and waterproof, this Anorak is ready to tackle the most technical winter environments. 

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