Alto.Ski Leads The Way In New Technology For Skiers And Snowboarders

Alto.Ski is a British technology start-up that provides skiers and snowboarders with a convenient, contactless solution for ski passes, meaning no more queuing at resort ticket desks.

  • New app for skiers and snowboarders means no more queueing at the ticket office with contactless solution
  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go ski pass means no more having to buy ski passes in advance and provides consumers with the best price on the day
  • One-stop-card for lift pass, ski hire and insurance

Alto.Ski is a UK-based technology company that offers skiers and snowboarders a variety of services through its app.

Alto.Ski’s is a pay-as-you-go ski pass - connected to a phone app - that allows skiers and snowboarders to go straight to the ski slopes without having to queue at the ticket office or pay in advance. It’s a more flexible kind of skiing where payment is made for the time spent on the slopes, whether that's for a half day, full day or multi day ticket. Instead of having to pay for lift tickets before hitting the slopes, there’s an automatic bill at the end of each day's skiing, at the best available rate in that ski resort. Plus, as well as ski tickets, there’s a flexible daily ski insurance package - available through the Alto.Ski+ premium subscription or purchased on a daily basis via the App.

Alto.Ski doesn’t charge the user any more for a ski pass and can help them save money. Alto.Ski works with ski resorts across the Alps and is looking to expand its portfolio during the 2022-23 winter season. 

The pay-as-you-go system means that purchasing lift tickets becomes completely flexible, don’t want to ski for a full day? Then the app calculates the best price based on use and charges only at the end of the day. With ski resorts offering much more away from the slopes now, this flexible approach will save skiers money, as they are not paying for a 6 day pass up front.

Modern and convenient. With Alto.Ski, there’s no queuing at ticket desks when arriving at the resort. The card is activated during the registration process and connected to the app - skiers can start using the lifts immediately. The card is compatible with the electronic ticket gates now found in most ski resorts in Europe.

Hassle-free insurance. Daily travel insurance can be purchased automatically through the Alto.Ski+ page and is activated the moment they pass through the first lift gate of the day. Countries such as Italy now legally require insurance for all skiers and snowboarders and it’s possible to purchase a policy right up to the last minute, before hitting the slopes.

Ski rental options. Ski and snowboard rental can be arranged directly through the Alto.Ski app with the huge network of Skiset partners across the Alps.

Accommodation bookings. Integrated into the Alto.Ski app is a mapping system that pulls availability from a host of major accommodation providers, making it easy for users to see and book stays in the partner resorts.

Registering for Alto.Ski is easy. The user first downloads the Alto.Ski app and can then order an Alto.Ski card by providing their payment details. The Alto.Ski card will be sent in the post, QR code scanned by the user and it’s ready to use. Once registered, skiers and snowboarders can use all the functions available.

Ana Davis from Alto.Ski, said: “Alto.Ski is the only ski pass you will ever need. We wanted to provide convenience and value to skiers and also help bring technology to a sport that is seen as very traditional. Alto.Ski will change skiing holidays in many ways, in better ways and it doesn’t stop with ski passes, we are adding new features all the time such as insurance and payment options with the very best exchange rates. The best part is the flexibility it offers – there’s no more need to pay in advance for a ski pass you might never use.”



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