Alta Badia; South Tyrolean Dolomites - The Excellence Of Italian Food - Summer 2018

Alta Badia is becoming increasingly well known as a place where the mountains can be enjoyed in their fullest expression. This includes opportunities for discovering the culinary excellence of this destination. In fact, in an area of just 15 km2, there are six shining Michelin stars. And there are many other opportunities for culinary pleasure organised in the mountains and down in the valley during the summer months.

In recent years, Alta Badia has confirmed its place as one of the top gastronomic destinations. One only need note that there are six Michelin stars in an area of 15 km2. As part of the presentation of the 2018 Michelin Guide, two new stars were awarded to restaurants in Alta Badia. Norbert Niederkofler, Chef of Restaurant St. Hubertus at Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano earned a third star to join the select group of nine restaurants with three stars in Italy. There was also good news for Matteo Metullio, class of 1989, who earned a second star. Originally, from the Italian city Trieste, the Michelin-starred Chef has been at the helm of the restaurant La Siriola at Hotel Ciasa Salares since the spring of 2013. A star was also awarded to the restaurant La Stüa de Michil at Hotel La Perla, headed by Nicola Laera, a native of this Ladin valley.

Alta Badia attracts food enthusiasts, thanks to numerous initiatives, which, alongside PEAKS OF GASTRONOMY, bring together open-air life with the pleasure of good cooking. There are culinary events on all season, both in the mountains and in the valley. Among them, three new ones stand out: Sommelier in the mountain hut, Aperitif at the foot of Gardenaccia and Show-cooking in the mountains.

The event is dedicated to the best wines of South Tyrol and gives guests the chance to spend their afternoon in a different way, at 2000m, in the company of an expert sommelier. In addition to tasting a wide range of local wines, other subjects related to the world of wine will be explored. What glasses to use for different types of wine, the ideal temperature of the wine, which wine goes well with certain dishes, how to assess a wine by sight, smell and taste... these are some of the subjects that will be addressed across the five dates in July and August (13 July - Ütia de Bioch mountain hut, 20 July - Club Moritzino hut, 3 August - Piz Arlara hut, 10 August - Pralongiá hut, 17 August - I Tablá hut).

Enrosadira is the term used to describe the natural phenomenon where the Dolomites take on a reddish glow. It is also known as alpenglow. There is nowhere better to admire the colours of the sunset than on these mountains, which Le Corbusier called "the most beautiful natural architecture in the world", positioned opposite the mountain range of Sasso Santa Croce, La Varella and Conturines. This was the reason for choosing the plain upstream of Gardenaccia, to enjoy an aperitif in the mountains, organised by locals of Alta Badia. There will be several snacks on offer, including some Ladin dishes, complemented by the best wines of South Tyrol. It will take place on Monday, 20th of August. To take part, please sign up at the Tourist Offices of Alta Badia.

For the first time, it will be possible to take part in an outdoor cooking session surrounded by the Dolomites. The events will take place at the Piz Arlara refuge (19 July), I Tablá (26 July), Ütia de Bioch (2 August) and Club Moritzino (23 August). Each participant will have their own station and be able to cook different dishes alongside the Chef, who will explain each step in detail. The event will start at 3 p.m. Booking at the Tourist Offices of Alta Badia is essential.


Thursday the 12th of July is the date planned for the second Dinner under the stars in Badia. A long table will be set up deep in the country, in front of the steps of the church of San Leonardo. During the dinner, which will start at 7 p.m., different local and foreign specialties will be on offer, as part of a menu created by the regional restaurant at the foot of Sasso Santa Croce. The highlight of the evening will be the starry sky, which diners will be able to admire while enjoying their meal. Booking at the Tourist Offices of Alta Badia is essential.

"Nos dai strudli" - THE STRUDEL EVENING
The Strudel Evening will take place on Wednesday the 25 of July. It will be an indulgent and creative event, starring strudel in all its possible variations, from sweet to salty, carefully planned and interpreted by the pastry chef and confectioners. The different strudel varieties will be on offer along the main road of San Leonardo in Alta Badia from 7 p.m. The road will be closed to traffic. The evening will be decorated by the majestic San Leonardo church, as well as candles, torches and local music. Visitors will be able to buy and taste different dishes on offer from the stands set up for the occasion. Booking is not required.

For the lighting of the hiking trail Tridentina by Croderes - the alpine rescue of Alta Badia - local restaurants will offer sweets in the square opposite to the church of Colfosco. The event will take place on 31 July, from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Musical entertainment will enliven the evening.

The second edition of Delicacies of the Forest will take place at the animal park in Colfosco, on Tuesday the 21st of August, from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Select restaurants, hotels and venues in Corvara and Colfosco will provide the dishes, which can be enjoyed while in contact with nature. The specialties on offer are part of the local culinary tradition, such as turtres (stuffed doughnuts with spinach and ricotta or sauerkraut), barley soup, dumplings, polenta and goulash, organic hamburgers or furtaies (spiral-shaped sweets, traditionally made for weddings). There will be local music at the event. Booking is not required.

The marriage between food and science will be celebrated on the 24th of August. It promises to be a unique event. There will be a dinner at the San Cassiano Museum "Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus", dedicated to the prehistoric bear of Conturines. Dishes designed by chefs from restaurants of Alta Badia especially for this evening will be on offer, which guests can enjoy while admiring the Museum's collections. There will be expert geologists and naturalists at the event to accompany guests as they explore what the museum has to offer. APERITIF AT THE MUSEUM will follow the same format on Friday the 27th of July. Booking at the Tourist Offices of Alta Badia is essential.

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