Absinthe Films Presents New Snowboard Movie Channel Zero

2020 brought unforeseen changes to many. What hasn’t changed is that every autumn Absinthe Films is dropping a new snowboard movie. So they do this autumn despite a shorter filming period last season as resorts were suddenly shut down in March. The new movie – which is the 21st movie brought to you by Justin Hostynek, Shane Charlebois and crew – is called CHANNEL ZERO. In true Absinthe manner they capture once again all facets of the sport their hearts are beating for. Untracked powder runs, urban jibbing, crazy tricks, travelling to exotic destinations and all the struggle in-between to get the shots they are looking for – this will all be part of the movie.

CHANNEL ZERO describes the state of mind when you spend time in nature. The moment when you soak it all in and feel connected to mother earth. For some it might be that moment before you drop in after hiking up. For others that moment when you surf deep fresh pow. What is your CHANNEL ZERO space? Justin describes it like this: “CHANNEL ZERO is the channel that’s not on your television. You need to go out into nature to tune into this frequency.” 

The movie features an outstanding crew of riders. Among them is Wolle Nyvelt from Austria, a true Absinthe veteran who starred in many previous Absinthe productions. Fellow countrymen and friends Tom Tramnitz and Clemens Millauer join him. Ivika Jürgenson, Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir and Estelle Pensiero represent the women’s force in Snowboarding. Jamie Lynn – a true legend – does not only have a movie part, but is also the creator of this year’s movie poster. Also starring are Jeremy Jones, Nils Mindnich, Hans Mindnich, Garrett „Worm“ Warnick, Sam Klein, Chris Corning, Roope Tonteri, Johan Rosen, Joon Ivanov and Sammy Blaze. Highlight parts to watch out for are e.g. the dam history section, the Mindnich brothers or the Rosa Khutor Trip. 

Movie: Channel Zero

Producer: Absinthe Films

Duration: 55 min

Locations: Canada, USA, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Iceland

As every year, Absinthe Films goes on tour with the movie and celebrates its world premiere traditionally in Zurich, Switzerland. Find a date near you to join the premieres across Europe. Absinthe and local organizers are making sure that all respective Covid-19 measures are implemented at each stop to guarantee a worry-free cinema-visit for all fans and friends. Health and safety of everyone involved are highest priority. Changes in the schedule might occur due to unforeseen Covid-19 restrictions. Make sure to check Absinthe’s website for updates. Big thanks to Doodah, Rosa Khutor and Blue Tomato for making the tour possible. 

(For movie tour dates, please check full press release attached) 

Those, who can’t make it to any of the premieres, should mark Dec. 8th in their calendar, when the movie will be released globally on all digital platforms and Absinthe TV.

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