Taos Continues Investment In Workforce Housing, Supports Below-Market Housing Initiative

Taos Ski Valley today announced that it continues to grow its commitment to workforce housing and below-market local housing. In 2018 the resort had three housing units for approximately 20 staff members. This year the resort will expand its workforce housing from a current capacity of 150 staff members to close to 200 staff members by Fall 2024. Additionally, Taos Ski Valley is now directing a $2 per room, per night community impact contribution to hotel stays at the resort's slopeside property The Blake to the Taos Housing Partnership to support its efforts to address below-market housing solutions in Taos. Funds totaled more than $13,000 for the Winter 24 season. Taos Ski Valley is matching the amount contributed by its guests for a total donation of just over $26,000 to Taos Housing Partnership this spring. 

"This is a beautiful example of partnership towards a community solution to our affordable housing challenges here in Taos," said Lisa O'Brien, Executive Director of the Taos Housing Partnership. "We are thrilled to work with Taos Ski Valley on this initiative and are eager to use this collaboration as a model for other local businesses to consider." 

In recent years, Taos Ski Valley has prioritized providing housing options for its seasonal and year-round employees, recognizing the crucial role housing stability plays in employee satisfaction and community vitality. This commitment has led to significant investments in housing infrastructure: beginning with the acquisition of the Columbine Inn in 2018, Taos Ski Valley expanded its housing offerings with the purchase of the Austing Haus in 2019, and the Amizette Inn in 2020. The latter is being expanded this year to accommodate 16 additional employees this fall and another 20 in 2025. The properties range from dormitory-style housing to individual rooms and apartment-style accommodations. Each unit has been thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of staff, ensuring comfortable and secure living arrangements.

Furthermore, Taos Ski Valley continues to incorporate environmentally sound renovations into its housing projects, including the installation of a new wastewater and water supply system this year, which is designed to limit water consumption. Emphasizing energy efficiency and utilizing locally sourced materials, these housing units align with Taos Ski Valley's commitment to sustainability.

Workforce housing at Taos Ski Valley also contributes to a reduction in traffic congestion and auto emissions, as many employees utilize the free staff shuttle provided by the resort, which stops at the main housing locations.

"We understand the importance of addressing housing challenges in our community, and we are committed to taking meaningful action," said Suzie Benton, Director of Human Resources at Taos Ski Valley. "Our investment in workforce housing and partnership with the Taos Housing Partnership reflects our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of our staff and the greater Taos community."

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