Nemo’s First Technical Daypack Now Available

NEMO’s first technical daypack, Resolve, is now available through NEMO and at select retail partners. The pack, which comes in 15L/25L/35L capacities, features a revolutionary set of exclusive fabrics for superior abrasion- and water-resistance, as well as a groundbreaking foam alternative with exceptional cushioning and wicking performance. A fully recyclable Endless Promise product, Resolve is also the 2023 winner of the international ISPO Award for innovative design in sports products.

Resolve is a first—a technical daypack painstakingly designed for fit, performance, and total circularity. The Endless Promise collection prioritizes recyclability so each piece of gear can stay out of the landfill, and to meet this design requirement without sacrificing performance. NEMO engineered new, fully recyclable textiles that are stronger and more durable. The team also searched beyond the traditional industry options to source a recyclable cushioning option with extraordinary wicking capabilities—a must when you’re on the trail. Thanks to modular construction techniques, this pack is more adaptable, configurable, and repairable. Together, these novel materials and precise design techniques create a backpack that can Adventure Forever®.

Resolve Endless Promise series ($159.95 – 219.95)

  • Built for ultralight ascents and quick day trips.
  • Exclusive CERO 100% recycled PET pack fabric is solution dyed, saving water, chemicals and energy.
  • CCubed cushioning material is a breakthrough recycled and recyclable foam replacement that is highly breathable and quickly wicks away moisture and sweat to dissipate body heat.
  • Large main load compartment (panel-style for 15L & 25L; top load for 35L).
  • Adjustable torso length and spring steel-enforced back panel offer strength and structure for heavier loads in the 25L & 35L.
  • Active-inspired geometry creates a pack that moves with you.
  • Wide, flexible shoulder straps conform to the body for immediate and long-lasting comfort.
  • Expandable shoulder strap pockets fit a cell phone, bear spray, or snacks and can be snapped closed when not in use.
  • Adjustable side pockets hold water bottles, trekking poles, etc.
  • Modular compression straps (included) can be hooked onto the built-in tool loops for custom packing options.
    15L is genderless; 25L and 35L options are offered in Men’s and Women’s specific fits.

Endless Promise is NEMO’s commitment to reduce resource consumption and keep gear out of the landfill. All Endless Promise products are painstakingly designed to be mono-polymer in order to be easily, fully recyclable at the end of their usable life. Endless Promise products can be sent to NEMO for resale or recycling; customers will receive a NEMO gift card for the resale value if the bag is in good enough condition for a new owner or, if the bag has reached the end of its adventures, a $20 NEMO gift card as thanks for recycling. NEMO has partnered with Ambercycle, a Los Angeles-based textile recycler, ALLIED Feather + Down, and Unifi to turn spent sleeping bags and packs into polyester yarns so each Endless Promise product can live on, endlessly, as a new item.

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