Weggis Rigi Kaltbad Cable Car: Connection To Public Transport Is Coming

Success for the VCS Lucerne: The valley station of the Rigibahnen cable car will be better connected to public transport. This implements one of the main demands from the VCS objection to the cable car project.

The Rigibahnen are planning to build a new Weggis - Rigi Kaltbad cable car with more capacity. However, the project submitted in 2023 did not plan to meaningfully connect the cable car to public transport, although the cantonal master plan requires a connection to the rest of the public transport network.

The VCS Lucerne defended itself against this. In its objection, the environmental association pointed out that the cable car project could not be approved due to the lack of public transport connection to the valley station; it contradicts the structure plan, the climate goals, the tourism model and the planning report for future mobility in Lucerne. This assessment was supported by the specialist departments of the Canton of Lucerne in the publication process.

The Rigibahnen reacted to this and sought solutions for public transport with the transport association. The revised project now provides for a connection between the valley station and the bus service: As of the timetable change in December 2024, the first step will be to extend the Zuger Verkehrsbetriebe bus line 653 from Küssnacht to the valley station during peak hours. From the opening of the new cable car, Auto AG Schwyz line 502 will also be routed to the valley station, ensuring a half-hourly service. The new lines can be seen in the 2025 timetable consultation communicated by VVL today.

As with the planned expansion of Pistor AG in Rothenburg, where Pistor, the municipality and the transport association agreed on a test operation for a new bus line thanks to the VCS intervention, the VCS Lucerne was now also able to achieve a significant improvement in public transport connections in Weggis . “Good public transport connections for projects with many visitors or employees must be standard today. If this is missing, we will also require it in other construction projects,” says Michael Töngi, President of the VCS Lucerne.

The planning approval process for the new construction of the Weggis – Rigi Kaltbad cable car is currently being examined by the Federal Office of Transport.


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