NHOA & Energiapura: Partnership Under Banner Of Sustainability

On the occasion of the Energiapura Series 2024, NHOA Group (Paris:NHOA), as part of its social commitment, announced the partnership under the banner of sustainability with Energiapura and the expansion of NHOA Ski Team project from Piedmont to Friuli Venezia Giulia.

NHOA Group has people at the center of its sustainability strategy and promotes through NHOA Élite Program physical wellbeing, sports, and particularly, with NHOA Ski Team, alpine skiing as a powerful educational tool to convey the values of sustainability, passion, commitment, and perseverance, in line with the Group's culture and value framework.

NHOA Ski Team is a one-of-a-kind social and educational project with the ambition to become an educational model on a national level for all the sports clubs that feel the responsibility to nurture young people in a context of excellence, balance, and inclusion.

Accordingly, NHOA Group has chosen to support Martina Vozza and her guide Ylenia Sabidussi in their journey in the Paralympic Alpine Skiing World Cup.

In this context, NHOA Ski Team is expanding nationally, particularly in Friuli Venezia Giulia, with the NHOA Ski Team Tarvisio. The co-founders Tiziana Candoni, along with Massimo and Andrea Lazzaro, aim to continue the élite planning developed during the years of management and successes of the Bachmann Sport College and continued with the Tarvisio Racing Team.

Clubs joining NHOA Ski Team project at the Italian level retain their autonomy and their independence but embracing the project's values and the technical direction of the program under Alessandro Serra's guidance alongside Katia Santus, they will benefit from the unique and innovative services of the NHOA Élite Program available to all athletes, coaches, and families.

Within this context, in order to represent the plurality of interests and perspectives, from the Western Alps to Friuli Venezia Giulia, NHOA Ski Team at the Italian association level will be chaired by Tiziana Candoni with the support of Luca Mantovani, Alessandro Serra, Andrea Lazzaro, and Carlalberto Guglielminotti.

Energiapura joins this project as a partner for the benefit of all NHOA Group people and their families and as the main apparel partner of NHOA Ski Team, for all athletes from any ski club in Italy that join the project.

"Alpine skiing is a powerful educational tool to impart the values of passion, commitment, and perseverance to young people, but, above all, it is an unmissable opportunity to direct an entire system, the next generation, towards what matters most: sustainability", commented Carlalberto Guglielminotti, Founder and CEO of NHOA Group.

These values and attention to sustainability and inclusion were the meeting point between NHOA and Energiapura, which also stands out for its constant and concrete commitment to producing recycled or recyclable products and continuous research for technologically advanced innovative materials, resulting from collaborations with top World Cup athletes, including Lucas Braathen, Alice Robinson, and Henrik Kristoffersen.

Energiapura, like NHOA, is at the forefront of fighting climate change and inequalities, and from today, the two entities share the common goal of unleashing the potential of new generations by leaving them a greener and more inclusive planet.

"I am grateful and honored to represent this ambitious project that encompasses everything that skiing and sports in general need today. We are living in a delicate and difficult period; we can overcome everything only by working together, embracing sharing, sustainability, and education. Culture and sports must travel the same path, and those who lead must have clear ideas on how to steer the system for the growth of clubs, families, and especially our young and adult athletes. Making my experience in school and technical fields available to everyone will be my priority. I thank NHOA Group for giving me this opportunity", commented Tiziana Candoni, President of NHOA Ski Teams at the Italian level.

“Energiapura is the name that has represented my vision since the inception of my company. As a sports enthusiast and mountain lover, I have always loved and respected the environment, bringing this lifestyle and these values into the corporate system and products. This is how Energiapura’s recycled and recyclable technical garments are born, made from the recovery of plastic bottles. It can and must be done: and Energiapura has made the responsibility towards the future of young people tangible and concrete. I believe that the meeting and collaboration with NHOA is no coincidence: sport, company, system, and responsibility unite us. A powerful “energy” that will be talked about”, commented Alberto Olivetto, CEO of Energiapura.

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