Dachstein Mountain Station “Energiekristall” Officially Opened

The Dachstein mountain station was officially reopened after a renovation period of almost nine months. In addition to the Styrian governor Christopher Drexler and the Upper Austrian governor Thomas Stelzer, Planai managing director Dir. Georg Bliem was also able to welcome the Styrian state councilors Barbara Eibinger-Miedl and Ursula Lackner, the Upper Austrian state councilor Stefan Kaineder as well as the mayor of Ramsau am Dachstein Ernst Fischbacher and the mayor of Obertraun Egon Höll to this ceremonial reopening. The public operation on the roof of Styria and Upper Austria starts on Friday, May 24th.

As part of the ceremony, the "Energy Crystal" Dachstein mountain station project was presented by Dir. Georg Bliem together with the project manager of the Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnen, Reinfried Prugger. "On September 6, 2023, work began on Austria's highest construction site - an extraordinary and challenging time lay ahead of us. Today, thanks to the excellent work of the planners and structural engineers, the construction companies and all colleagues, we can celebrate the official reopening of the mountain station. The result makes us more than proud. The combination of functionality, sustainability, a special feel-good atmosphere and new attractions will consolidate the role of the Dachstein as a top excursion destination in the Schladming-Dachstein region in the future," said Dir. Georg Bliem.

As the highest mountain in Styria and Upper Austria, the Dachstein is undoubtedly one of Austria's mountain personalities. The governors of both states were correspondingly proud in their speeches.

Governor Christopher Drexler: "You can already hear it in the state anthem: The Dachstein is an unmistakable landmark of our Styria! An impressive feat was achieved in record time on the highest construction site in the country, at an altitude of 2,700 meters. Therefore, the joy at today's 'summit meeting' from Styria to Upper Austria is simply enormous. Thanks to the new mountain station, the Dachstein will be even more attractive for guests from all over the world and will offer an even more breathtaking view of the summit, the glacier and the green heart. The roof of our Styria and the heart of the region will thus continue to present itself at its very best in the future."

"The Dachstein is the highest peak in Upper Austria and also in Styria - but our states have much more in common, as was shown by the good cooperation on the new station. The construction site was not only the proverbial peak, it was a top performance from which all guests who visit the mountain now benefit. And with its installations, Ars Electronica Solutions has ensured that the technical peak has also been reached in the figurative and literal sense," said Governor Thomas Stelzer.

State Minister for Tourism Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, who, as a representative of the majority owner, the State of Styria, played a key role in making this project a reality, emphasized the tourism significance of this project: "With the energy crystal, the Dachstein cable car will have a modern and contemporary mountain station that will be an additional attraction for guests. What is particularly pleasing is the strong focus on sustainability, with which the Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnen are once again proving their role as a model company in this area."

For Styrian State Councillor Ursula Lackner, the new Dachstein mountain station is a showcase project: "It focuses on one of the future issues for all of us: the importance of the energy transition. There is no alternative to phasing out fossil fuels in order to ensure a secure and affordable energy supply in the future. And it is feasible - even under difficult circumstances like here on the Dachstein. That is why I am delighted that the mountain station is part of the 'Long Day of Energy' on June 22nd. It is the highest of more than 100 energy venues that will open their doors across the country on this day to make the energy transition accessible and tangible for the people of Styria."

After the ceremony and the concluding ecumenical blessing, the guests were invited to a cozy end to the evening in the new Dachstein Glacier Restaurant. The opening ceremony was accompanied by music from the Ramsau am Dachstein and Obertraun band.

New Dachstein mountain station: focus on sustainability and a “feel-good atmosphere”

The Dachstein mountain station was completely renovated under the motto "Energy Crystal". A special focus was on the photovoltaic cladding on the east, west and south sides. With a maximum output of 125 kWp and an expected annual output of around 100,000 kWh/year, it will be possible to generate up to 80% of the energy required for the mountain station itself.

The heart of the hotel is the Dachstein Glacier Restaurant, designed for around 240 guests, as well as a spacious outdoor terrace. The use of natural materials such as loden, stone and wood was a priority in the interior design. The new "sky bar" on the top floor offers a view of the impressive south walls of the Dachstein.

New perspectives: Dachstein Himmelsleiter and other viewing platforms

In addition to the popular Sky Walk, the suspension bridge and the stairs to nowhere, new viewing platforms have been created around the mountain station. The absolute highlight is the Dachstein Sky Ladder. 12 steps lead to a glass platform, from where a breathtaking view of the Dachstein opens up.

Unique seminars and events

A seminar room equipped with the latest conference technology now offers a unique opportunity for seminars and events for up to 40 people in a high alpine location. In keeping with the motto "everything from a single source", it is possible to book tailor-made seminar packages.

Strong partners: La Strada Graz, Universalmuseum Joanneum & Ars Electronica Solutions

Together with La Strada Graz and the Universalmuseum Joanneum, a new exhibition was designed in the Dachstein Ice Palace: Under the motto "Explore the Glacier", you can follow in the footsteps of Alpine explorer Friedrich Simony and look with him at the many facets of the glacier. In collaboration with Ars Electronica Solutions, three projects were implemented: The "Half Dome Globe" awaits guests in the valley station, which uses data provided by the ESA to illustrate global phenomena of climate and global warming on a globe. Two further installations were realized in the mountain station - financed by the state of Upper Austria. A digital telescope in the Dachstein Glacier Restaurant, which supplements the real landscape with a digital layer, and an interactive touchscreen which provides data and facts from the APPtauen Dachstein Glacier app from the state of Upper Austria.


New construction of the Dachstein mountain station “Energiekristall”

• Construction starts on September 6, 2023
• Austria’s highest construction site
• Delivery/transport of materials mostly by aerial tram
• Transport of materials mainly by cable car
• Use of a Liebherr tower crane specially designed and built for the construction site


• 350 t of demolition material transported downhill

New building:

• 150 t of new steel installed
• 20 t structural steel
• 166 m³ concrete and screed
• 2,000 m² of roof area newly installed
• 600 m² glass facade
• 1000m² insulated exterior facade
• 1000 m² trapezoidal sheet metal facade
• 600 m² PV facade
• 250 m² mirrored ceiling
• 120 km of electrical cables
• 600 new lighting fixtures

PV system

• New photovoltaic system on the east, west and south sides of the building
• 338 PV modules (630 m²)
• Mountain station 80% energy self-sufficient
• Maximum output 100,000 kWh pa

Facts & Figures Dachstein Himmelsleiter

• Total weight 6,360 kg
• 12 steps with a glass platform
• The sky ladder extends 4.8 m beyond the edge of the facade
• Delivery of steel construction in 16 individual parts

Added value for the guest

• Glacier restaurant with 240 seats
• Sky bar for approx. 100 guests
• New restaurant terrace
• Visitors terrace
• Conference room for 40 people
• Dachstein Shop
• Changing room for trainers

Investment volume

• 14 million euros

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