Protest Introduces The Protest FUN(D) To Empower Its Mission To Help Everyone Ride More

Empowering dreams, fueling outdoor thrills: Protest Sportswear introduces the Protest FUN(D), an initiative designed to help everyone ride more. FUN(D) is an initiative conceived to support non-profit organizations in the pursuit of their social goals, while also nurturing creative adventurers with boundless ideas.

The Protest FUN(D) provides financial donations and focuses on two pillars: non-profit organizations and creative initiatives.

Non-profit organizations

As a company, Protest also likes to give something back to the community. For years, they support the Dutch non-profit organization Surf Project, which provides surfing lessons to children with Down syndrome, autism or ADHD. The Protest FUN(D) was born from Protest Sportswear’s mission 'to help everyone ride more' and the aim to support lesser-known non- profit organizations. Understanding the challenges smaller non-profits face in gaining visibility, Protest changed their approach from actively seeking them out, to using their brand awareness and reach to draw attention to them. Each quarter, Protest awards a new European non-profit with a one-time €10,000 donation. Non-profits can apply via the website to be eligible for these donations. The focus is on non-profits dedicated to people with disabilities, special needs, or life-changing situations, aligning with the mission of Protest Sportswear and the FUN(D).

Creative initiatives

‘Fun is in our DNA, and we aim for everyone to enjoy the outdoors’, thus Protest. Supporting creative initiatives by helping individuals or groups in realizing their dreams, especially those focused on creating enjoyable outdoor experiences. This initiative aims to stimulate creativity and bring the most imaginative ideas to life. We love to stimulate creativity, that’s why year- round the FUN(D) also supports individuals or groups in bringing the craziest and funniest projects to life, focusing on fostering outdoor fun. This includes projects like creating a mini- wave pool in the backyard, a rooftop snow slide, or sharing a camper for outdoor adventures. Applications can be sent in at any time, with Protest selecting multiple initiatives each year.

Snowboarders of Solidarity

To kick of the FUN(D), the first non-profit organization supported through this program is Snowboarders of Solidarity (S.O.S.), an organization based in France. S.O.S. focuses on refugee snowboarders originating from politically unstable countries, helping them create a new beginning through snowboarding, aiding in their integration into their new communities. With our donation of €10,000 they can now, among other things, provide them with gear, clothing and snowboard lessons, help them learn French and pay for therapy to support their mental health.

Protest invites non-profits and creative thinkers with fun ideas to apply for the Protest FUN(D). The brand encourages everyone to work together to make dreams a reality and expand opportunities for everyone to enjoy outdoor activities.

To participate in the Protest FUN(D), review the terms and fill out the contact form on the website: To get there, together!

Protest was founded by a group of snowboarders from Holland. That’s right: Holland. One of the flattest places in the universe. Home to exactly five hills and fourteen waves. That’s right: We counted the number of hills and waves and we said, “To hell with logic, to hell with obstacles – Let’s do what we love.” Since day one, we’ve been doing our part to make the world a better place for boarders – Both on the slopes and in the water. We do this by designing fashionable and functional sportswear at an affordable price. By reminding the world that boarding is fun. And by helping people overcome whatever stands between them and their boards. A fresh perspective for all boarders. The beginners who aren’t quite sure if they’ve got what it takes. The masters who may have forgotten the pure joy of the ride. The workaholics with too many responsibilities and too little time. We remind riders of the reason they set foot on a board in the first place – to have fun! And we inspire non-boarders with our belief that everyone can have a great time on the slopes or on the waves. Our clothes are built to support core riders. But they are also aimed at people who simply want to have fun on a board and look good doing it. Our goal is to make our clothes accessible to as many boarders as possible.

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