Financial Police Focus Operation In Winter Tourism: Numerous Offences Uncovered In Western Austria

After the financial police recently made over 200 reports in Styrian and Carinthian ski areas, numerous offenses have now also been uncovered in the west as part of targeted checks. A total of 126 administrative complaints and 15 cash register violations were identified in Tyrol and Vorarlberg, and the affected companies must expect fines of around 150,000 euros.

“The financial police take consistent action against black sheep who want to enrich themselves through tax and duty fraud at the expense of honest companies and the general public. The work of the financial police protects correct and tax-honest companies,” said Finance Minister Magnus Brunner.

The financial police took a close look at numerous winter sports areas in Tyrol and Vorarlberg over the winter. In addition to ski instructors and ski schools, the catering and accommodation establishments, but also, for example, the stewards, ushers and securities at the valley stations of the mountain railways were checked.

In total, 260 employees were found and checked on site by 29 financial police officers at 31 companies. In addition to a total of 62 administrative notifications according to the ASVG (General Social Insurance Act - 13x), AlVG (Unemployment Insurance Act - 1x), GewO (Trade Code - 1x), LSD-BG (Wage and Social Dumping Combat Act - 42x) and Vorarlberg Ski Instructors Act (5x), seven notifications were also made the financial criminal authority because of irregularities at the cash register.

The checks revealed that numerous companies are still not properly registering their employees for social security. This is followed by notifications to the district administrative authorities and the ÖGK, where these employees then have to be additionally insured. In any case, the affected entrepreneurs expect high fines. If the employee also receives unemployment benefits or other transfer benefits in addition to “undeclared employment”, a report of fraud will also be filed with the public prosecutor’s office.

A Romanian citizen stood out as particularly bold during these checks: he offered his services as a “ski instructor” via social media in the Kitzbühel district. The check by the financial police revealed that he was neither registered under commercial law, social security nor tax and was also not registered as a ski instructor with the Tyrolean Ski Instructors Association. Now that the investigation has been completed, he can expect high penalties and additional payments.

Also focus checks at winter sports events

The financial police also focused on major events such as the Ski World Cup in Kitzbühel or the Biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen. During these operations, 34 financial police officers checked a total of 34 companies and checked 215 employees.

29 advertisements were filed according to the LSD-BG, and 1 ASVG, 4 AuslBG and 14 AlVG advertisements were also made. In addition, 16 reports were made under the GewO and 8 reports were made due to irregularities in the cash register. In addition, 8,670 euros in tax arrears were seized on site.

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