TechnoAlpin Production In Full Swing

TechnoAlpin production is in full swing during the summertime. All snow producers are manufactured in the new Bolzano (IT) factory built in 2019 and delivered from there, all across the globe, to customers in over 50 countries. Over 100 employees manually assemble more than 5,000 snow producers and other components of the snowmaking system every year. Thirty fully loaded trucks currently leave the world market leader’s production facilities every day.


The individual components of all snow producers are carefully developed in TechnoAlpin's Research and Development department. External specialist companies located mainly in Northern Italy, Germany, France and Austria then manufacture those components. The suppliers undergo regular audits to consistently guarantee the excellent quality of the end products.
TechnoAlpin invests approximately €8 million in its Research & Development Department every year in a bid to develop not only machines but also individual components, constantly setting new standards in the snowmaking industry.


The snow guns are initially put together from the individual parts and then taken for final assembly. For instance, 969 different items are used to build a TR10. This equates to 11,687 individual parts.

During the final assembly, the units of the fan-based snow producer are initially mounted parallel to the turbine and base frame to make that vital connection. An electrical function test and a water test are then performed on each individual machine to guarantee flawless functioning and the first-class quality that TechnoAlpin is known for. The water required for this purpose is collected in a water tank and reused in the spirit of sustainability.

Finally, the machines are prepared for transport and shipped to their destinations.

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