Skitrax Installs Over 19,000 M2 Of Matting In Vynnyky Ski Area, Claims To Be Largest In Western Hemisphere

After a long period of planning, the go-ahead for the construction of the largest alpine mat ski area and the largest tubing run in the western hemisphere was given in spring 2021.

The Vynnyky Ski Area is being completely rebuilt and is part of a large, several hectare sports facility near the million-dollar city of Lviv. The construction work will continue until the coming winter. The Oberaudorf company Skitrax World (subsidiary of Open Doors Creative Communications GmbH) has several production facilities in Germany and an office and warehouse in Kiefersfelden, near the Austrian border. It was involved in the planning and supplies all the materials for the construction of the entire mat system.

An approx. 500m long 4-seater chairlift from Doppelmayr takes you up to approx. 400m. From here 3 slopes were developed. Two of these slopes are also designed for summer operation with Slopetrax sliding mats. A large snow-making system with lances ensures that snow can be made early in winter. So that optimal skiing is also possible in summer, the investors attached great importance to sealing the sandy floor so that no dirt gets on the mats.

For this, a drainage of rain or melt water must be guaranteed. The entire area was covered with the Dry Slope Drainage Fleece (DSDF) specially produced by Skitrax World for this purpose. Then the Slopetrax sliding mats are placed on the DSDF and securely attached to the ground with special twisted pegs. In addition to the ski area, an approx. 250 m long and 34 m wide system for 7 tubing tracks will be installed next to each other. With around 3,900 m2 of Tubtrax sliding mats, the largest summer and winter tubing track in the world is being built here. It goes up comfortably with 2 long conveyor belts. The special tubing track for children begins at the end of the first conveyor belt.

Over 300 Epic Tubing tires were delivered to ensure smooth operation of the entire tubing system. The snowmaking system is designed so that it creates snow in winter and is used to lightly sprinkle the plastic mats in summer. This creates optimal gliding properties in summer, which generates little abrasion and ensures skiing and boarding as if on snow. A large artificial lake provides sufficient water for winter and summer operation.

This large tubing track has a special feature. Here, too, the Tubtrax-M2 side modules are installed below the sliding mats - but now flexibly laid. The Tubtrax-M2 modules can be removed in a few simple steps, after which the Tubtrax sliding mats automatically fill the area again.

Thus, depending on the planning, a large snow tubing facility or a large children's ski area or a slopestyle park can be created. In spring, when the snow has melted, the flexible Tubtrax-M2 modules can be reinstalled under the sliding mats.

This mat ski area is part of a large football academy. This includes five professional football fields, a hotel, several houses for the teams, plus weight rooms, a leisure park, restaurants, etc. A large car park has been built in front of the facility.

All parking spaces were partially covered and equipped with solar cells. The entire system is supposed to be powered by green electricity. Summer operations will take place in spring 2022. Skitrax World is a German company from the Bavarian town of Oberaudorf and is considered the world's leading provider of equipment and advice for the installation of leisure facilities. “Where there is no snow”, solutions for sliding, carving, gliding, lifting and drifting are offered. Customers from over 50 nations on 5 continents use the products. "Made in Germany -" Developed in Bavaria ".

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