JobSiteCare & Aspen Snowmass Partner To Keep Employees Safe During Ski Season

JobSiteCare, the leading workplace telemedicine practice dedicated to employee health and safety, announced today a partnership with Aspen Snowmass, the U.S.’s premier ski resort operator, to implement COVID-19 mitigation measures across their four ski areas and their hotels, working to maximize the safety of employees during the 2020-2021 season. The defensive, anti-COVID-19 transmission measures put in place by JobSiteCare supports the 4,000-member Aspen Snowmass workforce to safely operate all locations, which opened to the public in late November. 

JobSiteCare provides employers with the framework and management systems needed for large-scale workforce health management and helps satisfy its compliance with all local and federal COVID-19 safety regulations. With the multitude of visitors expected to enjoy the Aspen Snowmass properties this year, keeping its staff safe, healthy, and working is paramount.

The partnership will include COVID-19 surveillance through a daily symptom checker, clinical evaluations of at-risk employees and overall medical management of workers at risk for COVID-19. As part of the program, JobSiteCare will deploy their proprietary TextBadge™ technology which allows Aspen Snowmass employees to submit their daily pre-shift health check virtually, thus avoiding contact with others until they are medically cleared for work.  

“As we learn more about the unique characteristics of the COVID-19 pandemic while leveraging our own in-house experience with the COVID-19 virus, we are best-positioned to care for Aspen Snowmass staffers in order to facilitate as best we can a ‘COVID-safe’ ski season,” said Dr. Dan Carlin, Founder & CEO of JobSiteCare. “Our primary focus has always been on leveraging the combination of user-friendly technology with great medicine to prevent COVID-19 from impacting the operations of our clients and patients. We’re looking forward to preserving this ski season for Aspen Snowmass’s staff and visitors.”

“We want to do all we can to keep our employees, our community and our guests as safe as possible,” says Jim Laing, Senior Vice President, Aspen Skiing Company. “JobSiteCare has a proven track record and has developed the tools and procedures we feel will help us achieve that goal.” 

JobSiteCare’s partnership with Aspen Snowmass comes after earlier, successful pandemic preparedness and COVID-19 management projects that have ranged from mass worker preparedness initiatives to a full workforce quarantine bubble for the WNBA 2020 season. JobSiteCare also works with Moss Construction, protecting workers and keeping job sites open and safe.

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