Solden’s 007 Elements Awarded "Treasure of European Film Culture" By European Film Academy

The jury of the European Film Academy has ennobled the James Bond world in Sölden with the coveted award of "Treasure of European Film Culture". In Austria, only the Vienna Ferris wheel has been adorned with it so far. A total of 13 locations across Europe can be found in the illustrious List of European cultural treasures.
The European Film Academy, based in Berlin, brings together 4,000 creative minds. In addition to the renowned European film award, the initiative has also been honoring places of special importance for the history of European film since 2015. The latest addition is 007 ELEMENTS on Gaislachkogl at 3,048 m. With the only Austrian representative so far, the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel, the Ötztal James Bond Adventure World shares its status as an outstanding backdrop for the film agent James Bond. The famous sight in the Prater was ennobled as a location for the cult film "The Third Man" and was also part of the 007 adventure "The Breath of Death" in 1987. In Sölden, director Sam Mendes captured the winter panorama of the Ötztal Alps for "Specter" Screen - including 3S-Bahn and ice Q restaurant. 
With 007 ELEMENTS something unique worldwide was achieved: At those locations where the main actor Daniel Craig was in front of the camera, 007 ELEMENTS has been attracting film enthusiasts to the universe of 007 since 2018 as a cinematic-museum permanent exhibition. Nine halls and chambers inside the mountain plus one Open-air plaza spread the architecturally unique installation as a captivating composition for Bond fans. 
“007 Elements is a worthy recipient of the award and, as a whole, a tribute to the unbroken popularity of the world-famous agent figure of the British writer Ian Flemming. The unmatched contribution of the Bond brand to world cinema can also be derived from its European base and should be celebrated, ”explains Mike Downey, President of the European Film Academy. As an experienced film producer, he also highlights the creative power of European creatives in the 007 universe. From the English Specter director Sam Mendes to characterful acting talents to the legendary actors of the bad guys like Gert Fröbe, Christopher Lee or Christoph Waltz.
In good company
The submission to the European Film Academy was made through the initiative of Cine Tirol. The board of the European Film Academy selected the Tyrolean proposal from several applicants. 007 ELEMENTS is thus the newest location that can carry the award "Treasure of European Film Culture". So far, the "Plaza de Espana" (Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars) in Seville, Spain, the Potemkin Staircase (Battleship Potemkin) counted in Odessa, Ukraine, or the Tabernas (Indiana Jones) desert in Spain are among the treasures of European film culture. 
“We are very pleased that 007 ELEMENTS received this award on the initiative of the Cine Tirol Film Commission. Sölden now has a permanent place in the illustrious group of cities and towns in Europe awarded by the European Film Academy. I congratulate the initiator Jakob Falkner and the architect Hans Obermoser on this prominent honor ”, said Florian Phleps, managing director of Tirol Werbung. He describes 007 ELEMENTS as a film tourism highlight. This impresses with its breathtaking location, architectural brilliance and exciting, interactive content.

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