Get Into Snow Sports China (GISS) Launched At Beijing Winter Expo

In the framework of the World Winter Sports Expo Beijing 2020, the initiative “Get Into Snow Sports China” officially launched for the 2020/21 season at the Beijing International Convention Centre.

Get into Snow Sports (GISS), the official Skiing and Snowboarding education and certification programme created by FIS, was officially launched at the Expo on 5th September. Officially endorsed by FIS and the China Ski Association (CSA) and exclusively promoted by IDG, GISS China aims to promote participation in the healthy recreation and sports of skiing and snowboarding. It forms part of a broad FIS strategy aimed at creating a sustainable, easy to access environment to encourage and enable many more active participants in snow sports worldwide.

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The launch attracted great interest from the winter sports industry and also received extensive attention and support from visitors, media, as well senior government leaders and officials.

Underpinned by the FIS Academy educational and training methodologies, GISS-China is committed to increasing participation in the sport through improving the experience and knowledge of participants and instructors. In addition, it will promote skiing and snowboarding through grassroot training, events, CSR programme, as well as high-quality content creation and distribution. It will also develop a campus course focused on Chinese schools to introduce more kids to snow sports.

Many senior officials, including Mr. Liu Jingmin, Executive Vice Chairman of Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association, and Mr. Jiang Xiaoyu, Vice Chairman of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) visited the GISS-China booth.

Mr. Cao Lei, CEO of GISS-China, introduced the programme, shared the project vision and plan of entering the market in detail, and received support and advice from the leaders: "I hope that GISS-China can practically bring skiing to the market and introduce more people to snow sports."

FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis sent a video to congratulate and support: “The official launch of Get Into Snow Sports China (GISS China), a partnership between the International Ski Federation, FIS Academy, and the IDG Group endorsed by the Chinese Ski Association will be the catalyst to develop snow sports in China and to create a big, successful programme for the legacy for and from the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. This really would be absolutely unique for anything that's on the market at the moment. GISS-China will greatly extend the capacity and the potential of enabling beginners to learn to ski and snowboard in a fun, enjoyable environment so that they will come back for more and more and hopefully become converts to our sport.” 

Ms. Li Zhang, Vice President of IDG China, said of the partnership, “IDG Capital and IDG Sports are not only investors in the GISS-China Programme but also the exclusive operator and promoter, and have established a professional team to carry out the Programme across China. We are committed to promoting the sustainable and stable development of snow sports and the snow industry in China in the long-term”.


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