SIN Corporate

SIN Corporate

“Who are those guys?”

It’s a good question. We’re a small band of highly committed and long-serving snow industry people, with wide-ranging areas of expertise and worldwide connections, who just sat down one day in 2010 and decided we would give birth to Snow Industry News and deliver up-to-the-minute trade news for snow professionals worldwide, or as we like to say ‘News For Snow Pros’, because nobody was really doing it. You’ll notice we don’t use by-lines or make ourselves the story… because it not about us; it’s about snow business people, the places, the technology, the weather, the financials, the events and more. You will see us around though, probably at an appropriately well-stocked event bar in Munich or London or Denver, and we do introduce ourselves and our business cards have our full contact details. Getting to know us is a bit like mining Bitcoins but surely more fun.  

In the time that SIN has been delivering the news (something like 4000 articles), we’ve grown a substantial audience of the who’s who of all things snowsports from all over the world and engagement grows daily. SIN will never compete on numbers with a consumer sites that mainly rely on weather and snow reporting, but we will win on quality and relevance, that’s a promise.

To give you some idea though:

60% of our readers are from USA
7% from Canada
10% from the UK
10% from Central Europe
And the rest are from all over the snowy globe, you name it.

We have on average 50,000 unique users through the year and when you consider that the content is 100% trade oriented, that’s a lot!

57% access via their desktop, but 42% (and growing) are on tablet and mobile – hence why our mobile-friendly format is such a hit. Some sites out there are still old tech, designed and run by dinosaurs (dinosaurs that can take a joke hopefully).

But it’s not about sheer numbers, it’s about WHO they are and WHAT they want. Strategically, you may need to be putting your message in front of the snow industry’s opinion leaders and there is no better or easier way than via the targeted environment of SIN.

So how can we help you and how can you help us?

We see it as a symbiotic relationship. We love doing what we do but there are a few bills to pay, we’re certainly not in it to fund lifestyles! We have a few tastefully-placed ad spots but we’re never going to offer these on a per impression or per click basis. We’re going for a much simpler solution… become a SIN Partner for a one-off small annual fee. That’s it. 

Partnership Status gets you logo-listed in the Partners Section with link back to your site.
We run your adverts rotating throughout the article pages.
You can run editorial-style job adverts whenever you like.
Your news releases will definitely run so long as they are relevant, honest, truthful etc and, ideally, written by someone who can write (no pressure, no offence!)

To discuss the art of the possible and help you achieve what you need to achieve, while remaining within budget, please contact gavin (at)



If you have a hush-hush snow industry project that requires special PR and MI5-style marketing skills (whether trade or consumer) and you want to work with us on a consultancy basis, please contact mike (at) – we are happy to sign NDAs if appropriate and give our initial thoughts/proposals pro bono.


We do get a lot of stories sent our way. Ideally we want informative, trade-specific news complete with good pictures/graphics/logos as appropriate. These should go to chris (at) – we consider everything and please be aware that we add our own commentary and don’t just run articles ‘as is’. Thank you.