Osprey's revolutionary UNLTD Series Wins OIA Award

Osprey UNLTD has won the prestigious Outdoor Industry Award in the backpack category for its new industry-changing UNLTD Series at Wednesday night's OIA award ceremony.

Judge Ben Weeks, Trail magazine, wrote: "Both models in the UNLTD series were designed by Osprey Founder Mike Pfotenhauer and his team, and represent a significant innovation in how packs are designed and constructed".

After nearly 50 years of innovation, Osprey is looking beyond traditional manufacturing technologies to bring you the ultimate backpacking experience through a new era of design and technology.  When the limits of the adventure are unknown, high performing technology is required. Welcome UNLTD. A supremely advanced pack that delivers ultimate fit, comfort and support. An industry-first 3D Printed Fitscape Lumbar with Carbon DLS™ Technology provides superior ventilation. A pack that packs a game-changing performance. Half a century of innovation has culminated in the industry-changing Osprey UNLTD Series designed by Founder Mike Pfotenhauer and Osprey’s innovation team. A first-of-its-kind 3D Printed Fitscape Lumbar with Carbon DLS™ Technology offers supreme ventilation, fine-tuned support and anti-slip grip. 

The new Osprey UNLTD Series harnesses rapidly emerging technology and materials previously untapped.  Featuring 3D print technology and an innovative autolift system, it provides excellent load-carry. 

  • STRUCTURED SUPPORT A High Carbon Stainless Steel Frame and Polycarbonate Vacuum Formed Framesheet support the load. Sports gear
  • SUPREME VENTILATION 3D Printed FitscapeLumbar with Carbon DLS Technology offers supreme ventilation, fine-tuned support and anti-slip grip. FINE-TUNED FIT AutoLift System to automatically adjust harness length and a Fit-On-The-Fly® hipbelt for in-the-field, fine-tuned adjustment.
  • EXTRA 18L CARRY A removable 8L top lid converts to a fully functional 18L daypack. Premium raincover and custom transit cover included. Automotive tire, Synthetic rubber, Audio equipment, Grille, Product, Black, Mesh, Tread Audio equipment, Automotive design, Grey, Sleeve, Font, Eyewear
  • OSPREY UNLTD AIRSCAPE® 68 Sports gear, Automotive design, Helmet, Gesture, Font, Finger Blue, Azure, Sleeve, Grille
  • POLYCARBONATE VACUUM-FORMED FRAMESHEET Effectively manages support, fit and ventilation with thermo-formed air channel ribs on backpanel.
  • ENGINEERED LATTICE STRUCTURE 3 layers and zones of resistance offers unique support and comfort.

 Prices from £650, click here for further information: https://www.ospreyeurope.com/gb_en/osprey-unltd/


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