Reverse Ferret - London Ski & Snowboard Festival 2022, Cancelled 10 Days After Opening Ticket Sales

Reverse ferret - fewer than 10 days after announcing the start of ticket sales Smart Group, the organisers of the London Ski and Snowboard Show has announced the cancellation of the 2022 event. 

In a statment they said:

"The team at Smart Group have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s London Ski & Snowboard Festival. They are pleased to have acquired a new partner who are keen to take on the organisation of the Festival for 2023."
"We deeply regret not being able to deliver the London Ski & Snowboard Festival this year as planned. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are now preparing for a major venue launch and in order to continue executing at a high standard we require our full team to bring the project to life. We are thrilled another partner is as excited as we were to begin working on the London Ski & Snowboard Festival 2023.” 
"More information on the new partners and details for the London Ski & Snowboard Festival 2023 to come."

The London Ski & Snowboard Festival was scheduled to place at Evolution London over four days, from 27th October – 30st October.

Reverse ferret is a phrase used predominantly within the British media to describe a sudden reversal in an organisation's editorial or political line on a certain issue.

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