Davos Klosters - Jakobshorn Cable Car To Be Renewed

The gondola between the Jschalp and the Jakobshorn summit has been in operation since 1958, ie 64 years. In both summer and winter, the railway takes guests to numerous experiences on the Jakobshorn, be it biking, hiking, skiing or snowboarding. In 1983 the track was rebuilt and some of the supports were reinforced or completely replaced in two construction stages. Another renovation is planned for this year.

The conversion work on the second section has been underway since the end of the Jakobshornbahn season. In the first step, the gondola is detached and the running gear is raised. The existing "Nova cabin" will be replaced by a "Kronos" type cabin from "CWA". The design of the gondola harmonises perfectly with the gondola of the first section, which has been in use since 2014. The new model still has room for 53 people.

In addition to renovations to the cable car itself, the mountain station will also be renovated this year and accessibility on the mountain will be optimized for people with disabilities. New solar systems ensure that renewable energy is generated at the stations. The result: Railway operations are even more resource-efficient than before. In addition, the main engine and the control system at the Jschalp valley station will be replaced and various revision work will be carried out on the drive.


Mountain station, mountain hostel and restaurant: all of this is combined in just one building on the Jakobshorn. The structure was built in 1958 by ship engineers. In any case, the special character of the round building should be retained after the renovation. In addition to various major construction works, the design will be renewed both inside and outside.

The renovation at 2,590 meters above sea level is a major logistical challenge. The following renovation work is on the agenda:

  • Renovation of the facade damaged by the weather and the years.
  • Adjustments to the entire structure in accordance with the existing fire protection guidelines.
  • Replacing the windows of the panorama restaurant and modifying the bathrooms of the mountain hostel.
  • In addition, the building will have an escape ladder on the west side of the facade, a control room and temporary storage for goods.


As part of the project, additional photovoltaic systems will be installed at the stations to generate renewable energy.

In combination with the PV system on the facade of the Jschalp valley station, an energy storage system (battery) is to be created. The braking energy released by the cable car and the excess electricity from the PV system are stored in it and used for the next ascent. This system for increasing energy efficiency is a pilot project by Davos Klosters Bergbahnen which will be further expanded if successful.


In the future, staying on the mountain will be even clearer and more comfortable for guests: That is why the signage will be renewed and optimized during the renovation. In addition, the needs of guests with mobility impairments are taken into account. The accessibility of the mountain railway is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the Disability Equality Act (BehiG).

A new lifting platform will be installed at the Jschalp valley station, which will make it easier for wheelchair users to access the cable car. With the improved signage, people guidance is optimized for all guests. The design agency Pfeffermint, together with the team from Davos Klosters Bergbahnen, takes care of a uniform design of the pedestrian passageways, waiting rooms and guest guidance - from the valley to the mountain.

The conversion of the second section on the Jakobshorn will be carried out in the 2022 summer season. The train is not in operation during this time. During this period from mid-July to the end of October, the first section continues to transport all guests from the valley to the Jschalp.

Location: Jakobshorn second section (Jschalp - Jakobshorn summit)

  • Objective: Renewal of the second section of the Jakobshorn mountain railway, improvement of the signage, compliance with the Equal Opportunities Act for the Disabled and renovation of the mountain station.
  • Year: Summer 2022
  • Investment: 6 million CHF

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