North Face Announces Debut Of ‘Care’ Collection Powered By DFNS

The North Face have announced the debut of their CARE collection powered by DFNS. A sustainable and eco-friendly solution for apparel protection, preservation, and revival

The collection includes elements that save 50.3% on carbon emissions compared to traditional apparel protection kits. Stain repellents, apparel refreshers and protectors no longer have to cost the environments we explore.

Packed with world-first technology and eco-friendly solutions, it empowers the adventurous to care for their gear sustainably, improve its performance and protect the world around us.

Repeatedly washing and drying gear uses non-renewable energy during the care phase of the product. To lighten the load, revive and futureproof gear the collection includes Footwear Protector, Footwear Refresher, Apparel Launder and Apparel Protector – covering every explorer's essential kit list.

DFNS’ Airopack - the world’s first compressed air powered plastic bottles made with recycled PET and Global GreenTag certified Airopack bottles that save 50.3% on carbon emissions compared to traditional aerosol - are used to help reduce environmental impact without compromising performance

Tech & Down Wash and Water & Stain Repellent gently clean, protect and waterproof sensitive tech materials, without altering their look, breathability, or insulation. The concentrated solutions are greener than their diluted counterparts, while the built-in innovative dosing systems reduce waste and ensure a reliable wash every time.

The North Face CARE Collection powered by DFNS will be available in The North Face stores throughout Europe for Fall-Winter 2021.To find out more about the collection visit or follow us on social at @thenorthfaceuk on Instagram, and @thenorthface on Facebook.

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