Canton Of Lucerne Relaxes Requirements For Ski Areas

At the beginning of January, the Health and Social Department (GSD), in consultation with the Lucerne government, granted the operators of the winter sports areas permission to start operations on January 8, 2021 under strict conditions. This current permit is limited to February 7, 2021. Since the epidemiological situation is currently relatively stable and the protection concepts have been correctly implemented in the winter sports areas, the previous requirements can be relaxed until the end of February. Winter sports areas can therefore open their operations daily from February 8th to 28th, 2021, and all slopes, including freeride, may also be opened. However, the capacity restriction continues to apply. Toboggan runs remain closed.
In consultation with the Lucerne government, the health and social department has decided that the winter sports areas can continue to operate their ski and chair lifts as well as their ski slopes from February 8 to 28, 2021. All slopes, including freeride, can also be opened. However, the following conditions still apply:
  • There is a general capacity restriction for guests, which is 66 percent (the value is based on the number of guests on peak days).
  • The toboggan runs created by the mountain railway operators will remain closed until further notice due to the risk of injury.
  • It is not possible to consume it in restaurants, but take-away offers are available. No seats on terraces etc. may be provided for take-away consumption. In addition, there is still a ban on alcohol.
  • The windows in gondolas and wind protection flaps on chairlifts must always be open if possible.
Railways that serve a development function in the sense of public transport were already open, and walking paths and cross-country ski trails are still available to the population.
Location allows requirements to be relaxed
Health and Social Director Guido Graf: “The epidemiological situation is currently relatively stable. The number of cases, the reproductive value and the positivity rate have all decreased. In addition, the protection concepts have so far been adhered to by the operators of the winter sports areas and the cooperation with the Sörenberg ski and snowboard school was exemplary. It is therefore responsible to relax the requirements for the operation of the winter sports areas. "
With this agreement, the government council once again pursued the goal of ordering the measures as strictly as necessary in order to limit the risk of infection and deaths and as moderately as possible in order to enable social and economic life even in the current pandemic, Graf said.
Winter sports enthusiasts should comply with measures - even when traveling by public transport
Government councilor Graf appeals to winter sports enthusiasts: “In order not to spread the new coronavirus further, I urge you to comply with the measures taken by the federal government and the canton. Wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands regularly. I ask you not only to take these measures into account in the winter sports areas, but especially when traveling by public transport. "
Further action will be determined towards the end of February
The epidemiological situation is continuously analyzed and a withdrawal of the license is possible at any time, depending on developments. The government council will discuss the procedure after February 28, 2021 at the request of the cantonal management staff towards the end of February.

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