Steep Management Offers Organizational Health Consulting With Membership In CAPA Pro

Steep Management has joined CAPA Pro, a Table Group membership network, as of September 2 with the launch of CAPA Pro by the Table Group. This alignment allows Steep Management to fully engage with the ski resort industry, which has been Steep's focus with MountainOffice, a ski resort unique CMMS system, for six years. Steep has learned over that period that organizational health is critical to the long-term sustainability of ski resorts.
Steep Management and its founder Bob Ackland have long been advocates of the Table Group's founder's, Patrick Lencioni, beliefs, and teachings on organizational health. Now Steep will have access and the support of the Table Group's tools and in-depth knowledge of what works and doesn't work in assisting management teams successfully making their organizations healthy.
CAPA Pro was an inspiration to the Table Group during the COVID 19 pandemic. The effort of CAPA Pro is to assist consultants worldwide to change the work environment. In times of so much stress, new methods of organization and management are needed. Lencioni's approach is quite direct and straightforward. The process is not touchy-feely hold hands and sing kumbaya but instead sensible, common sense ideas that work to build cohesive leadership teams, eliminate politics within the workplace, and provide broad staff engagement in their work
"I was excited to be able to join the CAPA Pro network as I have read all of Patrick Lencioni's books, and always been amazed after reading at how straight forward and sensible the concepts are. I often wonder why I didn’t do this or why aren't all organizations applying these principles." Bob Ackland, Steep Management.
"The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health. Yet it is ignored by most leaders even though it is simple, free, and available to anyone who wants it." Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage
Steep Management, LLC was founded by Bob Ackland in 2012 and SEC Ges.m.b.H of Austria. The joint venture was created to market MountainOffice in North America. Ackland has many years of ski area management and SEC being the developer of MountainOffice, a ski area CMMS program that has been in the field for 18 years currently and has over 175 ski resorts worldwide using MountainOffice.
In 1997 The Table Group was founded by Patrick Lencioni and others to make work better for ourselves, our clients, and perhaps, one day for organizations all over the world. At the time, we were working together at a software company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Back then, we developed and tested some concrete theories about why some organizations were effective and healthy and others dysfunctional and unhealthy.
Today, The Table Group’s focus is on leading a movement to make organizational health a reality in companies and organizations everywhere. At the Table Group, they are utterly convinced that a healthy organization achieves greater results, builds a more loyal customer base, and develops fulfilled employees. Doesn't every leader want that?

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